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A Filipina chick picked me up and it sucked

A Filipina chick picked me up at a coffee shop in Manila. I thought it might be something like when the waitress picked me up in Bangkok. But as it turned out this ended up being a

A Filipina chick brought her friend to fuck me

I started banging this butterface Filipina chick from Manila. But even though she has one of the best pairs of natural tits I have ever seen in my life I still got bored with her after a

The best and worst things about Filipina chicks

Filipina chicks can be really great. I’ve had some of the best times of my life with Filipinas, both in and out of bed. But too much of a good thing can be bad. And there are

How to avoid ladyboys on Tinder in Manila

Have you ever used Tinder in Manila? Just a couple of years ago there weren’t that many people on it. Then it blew up and became super popular. But now it’s filled with ladyboy profiles that you

Where online dating works, and where it doesn’t

Any man living and looking for love and/or sex in the last decade knows at least something about online dating. Either that or he’s probably embedded in some group on the margins of society like the montagnards