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Are Malaysian women really conservative?

How conservative are Malaysian women? Lots of guys go there and enjoy the nightlife. Sure it is a Muslim majority country. But so Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority country on earth. And there’s plenty of fun,

Review of the Thai Club in Kuala Lumpur

The Thai Club in Kuala Lumpur is a well known place to meet ladies of the night. It’s probably the second biggest freelancer spot in the entire country. The first would of course be The Beach Club,

The 3 best sex saunas in Kuala Lumpur

It’s not too hard to narrow down a list of the best sex saunas in Kuala Lumpur. Some are clearly better than others. They all follow a pretty similar plan when it comes to doing business. But

Happy ending massage in Kuala Lumpur

I’ve already told you about the sex saunas in Kuala Lumpur. Today, I’ll tell you about happy ending massage in Kuala Lumpur. By happy ending massage, I mean a full body massage of some type followed by

Check out my new guide to Kuala Lumpur

My sexpedition started many years ago, but Mysexpedition started on a whim in 2014. It’s almost unbelievable to me that I’ve been doing this for four years already. Sure, I took some breaks here and there, but

Sex saunas in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a pretty conservative place. It’s not at the level of Saudi Arabia but there are rules against people changing religion or even drinking alcohol. Most Western visitors wouldn’t have to deal with any of that

Review of the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur

The Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur looks like a regular bar from the inside. Once you’re inside you realize it’s filled with freelance hookers from Vietnam, China, the Philippines and even some CIS countries. The Beach Club