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Bangkok soapy massage in a nutshell

Bangkok soapy massage parlors are some of the biggest brothels in the entire world. The go go bars of Bangkok might be more numerous or well known to the average guy. But the big soapy massage parlors

Is Thailand still good for guys?

For decades Thailand was basically the most famous place in the world for sex. I guess it still is. The only places that ever had the same kind of notoriety were the Philippines and maybe Japan. But

The 3 best places to have a threesome in Asia

Millions of guys dream of having sex with two women at the same time. The idea is pushed like some unobtainable dream. But it’s actually pretty easy to do. The 3 best places to have a threesome

The five best go go bars in Bangkok

I’ve spent an ungodly number of hours and even more Baht in Bangkok’s world renown go go bars. While I no longer favor them as pick up destinations I still drop in from time to time if

Hands-on go go bars in Bangkok

The hands-on go go bars in Bangkok are a cut above the rest. Sure, it’s always nice to watch hot Thai chicks dance around in bikinis or even nothing at all. But it’s even better if they

The last of the old school BJ bars in Bangkok

A guy once made a comment on one of my posts lamenting the disappearance of “all the hot fucking girls” from porn. That got me thinking of the BJ bars in Bangkok. Porn and blowjob bars. The

Review of 7-HEAVEN blowjob lounge in Bangkok, Thailand

7-HEAVEN blowjob shop is one of the best in Bangkok. There are a ton of blowjob bars in Bangkok. Even if you went to a different one every day it would take you over a week to

Review of Smooci: The Uber of escorting in Asia

Smooci is a website that connects escorts with customers. Unlike some of the bigger and badder international sites that are no longer with us, they seem to actually screen the women who post on the site. Plus