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What does AF mean in Japan?

If you have even a passing interest in Japanese prostitution or Japanese porn you may have seen the term “AF”. You might also wonder what it means. While things are never exactly straightforward in this department I

GFE Japan Review

GFE Japan is an escort service for foreigners. There are thousands of escort agencies for Japanese dudes in Japan. But the number of places that even accepts non-Japanese guys is incredibly low. Here is a place that

Chinese massage parlors in Tokyo

Do you know about Chinese massage parlors in Tokyo? There are tons of the them in the city. They are just what the name would suggest: massage parlors run by Chinese people. Or more precisely Chinese women.

The easiest places to get rimmed

Do you like to get rimmed? I have to admit that a well done rim job is hard to beat. Especially if it is done simultaneously with a world class blowjob. That happened to me once years

Tokyo Hentai Club Review

Tokyo Hentai Club is probably the most popular escort agency in Japan for foreigners. Japan is home to a famously huge sex industry that includes everything from oppai pubs to peep shows. But non-Japanese men are excluded

Weird prostitution in Japan

There are some very weird things about prostitution in Japan. Even after spending lots of time there and meeting tons of Japanese sex workers I still can’t get over how utterly odd some of the stuff that

A complete list of handjob prices in Asia

How much does a handjob cost in Asia? That’s almost like asking, “how tall is a tree?” It really depends on where you get a handjob and who gives it to you. But I’ve spent enough time

Oppai pubs in Tokyo

Tokyo is home all kinds of weird and wild sex stuff. The Japanese AV movies featuring mass bukakke and gokkun is only the tip of the iceberg. There are stores filled with all kinds of sex toys,