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I barebacked a Korean MILF

I just barebacked this Korean MILF and blew my load right in her tight wet twat. I paid for the pussy but that doesn’t change how good it was. Plus she pulled off the rubber on her

I’m over South Korea

After years of traveling to South Korea I think I am finally through with the place. I mean I will still stop through the ROK on my way to other countries. After all most flights from Southeast

I caught the clap from a Korean hooker

I caught the clap from a prostitute in South Korea. It sucks. I had the whole deal. Drippy dick hole, terrible burning sensation when I had to piss, embarrassing trip to a doctor that specializes in disgusting

Hooker Hill in Seoul in a nutshell

Hooker Hill is a famous red light district for foreigners in South Korea. It is located in Itaewon. Itaewon is a neighborhood in Seoul, where a lot of Westerners like to congregate. It is sort of like

Happy ending massage in Seoul

There’s more prostitution in South Korea than I could write about even if I swore off chasing pussy for the rest of my life and became a full time blogger. Of course that will never happen but