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The price of sex in South Korean red light districts

Prostitution is illegal in South Korea but no one seems to care. There are tens of thousands of prostitutes in South Korea. Millions of South Korea men pay prostitutes for sex. And prostitution accounts for almost 2

Blowjob barber shops in South Korea

Blowjob barber shops in South Korea aren’t exactly like blowjob shops in other parts of the world. But they do have some resemblance to other similar businesses throughout Asia. In fact, it seems like the idea of

Anma sex saunas in South Korea

Anma are common full service sex saunas found all over South Korea. They’re clearly marked with lighted signs that spell out ANMA in Korean. I’ve already told you about the German sex saunas, Czech sex saunas, Macau

Red light districts in Seoul

South Korea has a huge nightlife scene but you might not know it to look. Even Seoul looks a little sterile when you walk around on a winter afternoon. At night some places are totally dead too.