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Tokyo Style Massage Review

Tokyo Style is a high end outcall massage service in Japan. As you can probably guess they’re centered in Tokyo. They don’t have an incall location. Instead they send the chicks out to hotels and apartments. They

Tokyo is the easiest city to find sex in Japan

What is the easiest place to have sex in Japan? This is a question that millions of people ask. Is it because Japanese women are just so legendary? Or, more likely, due to the international impact of

GFE Japan Review

GFE Japan is an escort service for foreigners. There are thousands of escort agencies for Japanese dudes in Japan. But the number of places that even accepts non-Japanese guys is incredibly low. Here is a place that

I fucked a Japanese actress

I fucked a Japanese actress. No, not a porn star. I already told you about the two Japanese porn stars that sucked me off. This time I am talking about putting my cock in the pussy of

Two Japanese porn stars sucked my dick

Two Japanese porn stars sucked my dick. I don’t mean that I got a porn star experience from two regular Japanese chicks. I am being literal. Two women who have stared in Japanese porn videos gave me

Chinese massage parlors in Tokyo

Do you know about Chinese massage parlors in Tokyo? There are tons of the them in the city. They are just what the name would suggest: massage parlors run by Chinese people. Or more precisely Chinese women.

Tokyo Hentai Club Review

Tokyo Hentai Club is probably the most popular escort agency in Japan for foreigners. Japan is home to a famously huge sex industry that includes everything from oppai pubs to peep shows. But non-Japanese men are excluded

Thai happy ending massage in Tokyo

If you know anything about Japan, you might know that it’s filled with sexy chicks. Maybe you also know that thousands of sexy Japanese chicks work in prostitution in Tokyo. You might also know that most of