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Which STDs can you get in Thailand?

After a long partial closure, Thailand has now opened to some tourists. Thousands of guys have already started entering the country. Thousands more will head there soon. I am not a travel expert but I can guess

8 things every man should experience

You’re born. You learn how to piss in the pot and sleep in a bed. Then they send you to school where you learn how to wake up on command, piss when you’re given permission, and fit

How to make sex with a condom feel good

How can you make sex with a condom feel good? It’s tough. You are ready to go, then you unroll that thick rubber sock over your fuck stick and things start to go numb. You put it

The morning after pill in Southeast Asia

The morning after pill is one of the greatest advances in modern medicine. These emergency contraceptive pills can keep a woman from getting pregnant even if they just got creampied. Single motherhood and fatherless children are sad

Grandpa caught the clap and you can too

I’ve been living a life of constant travel and sex for years now. If you’ve been reading this site you already know that. You might have read about some of my more risky adventures too. Like the

How I afford my lifestyle of constant travel and sex

When I was 19 I dropped out of the rat race, left America, and embarked on a life of constant travel and sex. That was many years ago. I am still traveling and having sex today. And

Don’t trust STD tests in Thailand

It doesn’t surprise me that a lot of people want to know about STD testing in Thailand. A lot of guys with websites promoting their wonderful lives in the land of smiles won’t tell you this, but

South Korean book on sex with Filipinas pulled from stores

Did you hear the news? In the latest flare up of witch hunters gone wild, a book written by some South Korean dude about bar girls in the Philippines has been pulled from some book sellers after