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Sick US culture has infected Latin America

If the US was ever great it sure ain’t no more. It’s no secret that America has been spinning down the drain and inching closer to cesspool status every day. It’s one of the reasons I left

The 5 best Colombian porn stars of all time

Colombia is a South American country that is best known for two things. One is the 57 year long Colombian conflict that continues today. The other is cocaine, especially as it involved Pablo Escobar and the Medellin

Prepagos in Colombia

Prepago is a slang word in Colombia. The Spanish word prepago actually translates to “prepaid.” But we aren’t talking about cell phones here. Because in Colombia, “prepagos” are a kind of freelance or independent prostitute. In other

How to date and have sex with women in Colombia

Colombia is a huge and hugely popular country in South America. It is easy to get in and pretty easy to get around. Colombian women are world famous for being hot, sexy and outgoing. I don’t know

The hottest Colombian chicks are in Panama

What if I told you that the hottest Colombian chicks are actually located in Panama? Wouldn’t that sound strange? Well at least at first. Then you start to consider that Panama is basically an American protectorate where

Is Colombia overrated?

Is Colombia overrated? A lot of guys consider Colombia to be the source of some of the hottest women on earth. Living there is cheap. I can’t argue with that at all. And there sure are lots

How I got a threesome with 2 black chicks from Tinder

I recently had a threesome with 2 black chicks that I met from Tinder. It was far from the best threesome I ever had. But it was fun. Plus both of the chicks had nice bodies and

I got a $3 public blowjob in Colombia

I have had a lot of sex. Some of it was weird and adventurous. Looking back some of it was even stupid. But luckily I am still alive and I don’t have AIDS. So I can tell