WeChat prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City

The WeChat app is filled with prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City. Any time you fire up the app and search for people nearby you will find tons of chicks near you looking to make some money. Sometimes they are explicit in their profiles, but usually they play it at least a little low key.

Although a lot of western guys (including some self-proclaimed sexperts) cry about Ho Chi Minh City on the internet, the truth is that it is a pretty great place. There are literally millions of women in the city and a lot them are up for dating foreigners. You can find them on Tinder and dating sites, or you can go the old fashion route and pick them up in cafes, malls or wherever else you find them.

There are also thousands of prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City. One article I just read in a Vietnamese newspaper says the local government counted more than 300,000 women selling sex in the city. The article then went on to say that this number is probably much lower than the reality. That’s more than you find in most places!

Tourists and locals

I think some guys who go to Asia have the package tourist mentality. Like overweight Americans who fly to the Dominican Republic on all inclusive vacations and never leave the fenced in resort complex yet claim “I love DR”, these guys show up in Bangkok, hit Nana Plaza on their first night in town, and think they have discovered paradise. They don’t know that there are tons of other places in Bangkok and across Asia with hotter chicks who charge a lot less money and are usually sweeter and more service minded. So when they arrive in a place like Ho Chi Minh City and can’t find a go go bar complex or a place with an English name that makes reference to oral sex they think there’s nothing going on.

I’ve made a lot of Asian friends and they have a different way of looking at things. When they travel they find out what the local scene is like and go from there. They have a different mentality. You don’t see too many cheongsters complaining about Ho Chi Minh City over on Singapore Sammy or Sex 141. They find out where the hot chicks and good deals are and they head there. They don’t have preconceived notions of what should be or get angry if someone doesn’t speak English. In turn, they find the best there is to offer. That’s why you see a lot of Asian hole hunters walking around with hot chicks when you’re in Southeast Asia. That’s also why those guys are usually spending a lot less than western guys!

WeChat prostitutes Ho Chi Minh City

Only the names have been changed…

I’m not all down on western guys though. And not only because I am one. As a general rule, westerners are better at spitting game and picking up freebies. You see way more western dudes picking up Asian chicks in clubs and pubs. A lot of Asian guys aren’t socialized for that kind of behavior.

I aim for the best of both worlds but long ago I came to the conclusion that the Asian dudes are on to something when they forget about the gaming and dating. They just buy a piece of ass when they need it then get back on with their lives. They aren’t looking to rent a pretend girlfriend. They go to places like fishbowls where they can find a hot chick, do her right there, then be on their way. They don’t need drama, especially with a price tag attached. Part of the reason they pay is to avoid that kind of shit!

WeChat prostitutes in HCMC

These are all generalities. They are always going to be exceptions. I have seen white dudes at the fishbowls and I have seen Japanese dudes paying old worn out hookers just to keep them company. The women on WeChat are a more specific thing.

I am not a huge fan of using WeChat to find women in Ho Chi Minh City, but I have been known to do it from time to time. The last time I went looking for WeChat prostitutes was a late night when I just sent a regular Vietnamese girl on her way. It was about 10 PM. She had to get home before her parents got mad. Even though I had already busted a nut, I was still horny. It didn’t help that as I was going back to my room I saw a Korean dude with a super hot sex worker in a short dress on his arm.

So I hopped on WeChat just as I had done in the past. I tapped the “Discover” button the bottom of the app. Then I tapped “People Nearby.” Next I tapped the three dots in the upper right corner and selected “Females Only.” Finally my screen was filled with profiles of women from 300 yards to a mile away.

I clicked on some profiles. They were mostly chicks selling sex. It was easy to tell. They had hot pics and under the “What’s up” part of their profiles it said stuff like “massage good” and for one “want love.”

I sent greetings to two or three. I just wrote “Hi.” They all wrote right back saying things like, “do you want to make love?” When I wrote “yes”, they would quote prices. It was that easy. The usual quote was 50 or 60 USD. I would write back quoting 1,000,000 Vietnamese Dong.

A lot of Vietnamese people use a 1 USD to 20,000 VND exchange rate when calculating quickly in their heads. In reality you can get a lot more than 20,000 Dong for your dollar. At the moment you get 22,500 or so, which means 1,000,000 is around $45.

The people and their prices

Every person I gave the 1,000,000 Dong quote too quickly accepted and started asking my hotel name and room number. I always stay in girl friendly hotels like the Bong Sen Hotel Annex when I am in Ho Chi Minh City, but I didn’t want to give out my information without getting a better idea of who I was going to have show up at my room. So, I asked for photos. I also said that I would turn away anyone who didn’t match the photos.

A lot of the WeChat profiles are run by agents pretending to be women. I have never met any of them but this is my educated guess. I picture some tattooed agent in a smokey room working multiple phones at once trolling for clients.

The WeChat prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City are all decent looking in my experience. There are no stunners but they are no overweight pigs or chicks covered with stretchmarks either. They almost always have darker skin than their photos but they are usually fit and firm and many have big fake tits and perky nipples. I think a lot of them also do the sex work circuit and sell their asses in places like Singapore and Malaysia. They get visa free access to those countries so they can show up like tourists then make some major bank for a few weeks. After that they have to go back to the Vietnam though. That’s when they hit WeChat.

The sex with the WeChat prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City is never anything special. It’s wham, bam, thank you mam. They like to look around the room and shit too. Sometimes they ask for tips and taxi money, even when they have a receipt in their possession that shows they parked a motorbike in the hotel! On the bright side, they take payment on the way out instead of up front and they deliver as they say they will. They have to show ID to get into any legit hotel so I don’t think they would steal in most cases though I wouldn’t give them the opportunity anyway. I keep all my valuables locked up in a safe when any stranger is in my room.

Have you ever use WeChat to find women in Ho Chi Minh City? What do you think?

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