Oppai pubs in Tokyo

Tokyo is home all kinds of weird and wild sex stuff. The Japanese AV movies featuring mass bukakke and gokkun is only the tip of the iceberg. There are stores filled with all kinds of sex toys, strip shows where guys take selfies with ladies who are spread eagle, blowjob cafes called pink salons and more.

Strip Clubs

Strip theaters are pretty common. Customers watch planned out dance numbers from rows of seats. After the numbers they can take pics with the chicks who danced for money. Some of the chicks will shake their hands of hug them. That’s about it. There used to be strip theaters that would bring guys on stage for blowjobs but I think they’ve all been closed.

Japanese oppai

A few Western style strip clubs have regular pole dancing shows. Dancers will drink with guys who buy overpriced drinks. They will also do private dances that include some limited touching. They are cheaper than top strip clubs in America but they don’t really offer much more.

Peep Shows

Peep shows let guys in private booth jack off to hot chicks who dance in the nude. If the guys want to pay a few thousand extra yen they can get a handjob or blowjob in their booths after the dance.

Things are rushed and mechanical, but did I mention that the chicks are hot? Since the prices are so low they also get a lot of dudes who just want to stop in and blow a load with a hot chick nearby. They are way better than the gross truck stop booths in the United States where burly truckers with beards blow each other through holes in the walls.

Oppai pubs

The final strip scenario is the oppai pub. Oppai means tits and pub means, well, pub. You pay an admission price for a set amount of time and women. They ladies come and sit next to you or on your lap. Then they pull their tits out and let you fondle them until it’s time for the next chick to come around.

The prices are fair but you don’t get much more than a touch or suck on a tit. Sometimes the chicks rub your cock through your pants. You can’t touch them downstairs. The rates come out to an average of about a dollar an hour, or a little more. That’s cheaper than any Asian webcam site I know and you actually get to see the women in real life.

In some oppai pubs you get a private booth with a couch or a bed. In some you have to share a bench with whoever else is around. They are about as public as the many blowjob shops where you can see a chicks head bobbing up and down right in front of you. It doesn’t bother me or anyone else in these places. I guess if it did bother a person they would find another kind of place to go.

Some of the oppai pubs have really hot chicks working. Some mix fat chicks in with the hot chicks so you might get one hot chick and one sumo style woman in the same session. That can be rough. If you visit enough you can request chicks you like by name, but you have to pay a little extra.

Oppai pubs for foreigners

Most of the oppai pubs are open to foreigners. They may require a little Japanese language but that’s still better than places that refuse gaijin outright. They basically just ask guys stuff like “can you understand Japanese?” before they let them through the doors. So it is not too bad.

Throughout my adventures in Japan I have only found one oppai pub that wouldn’t let foreigners in. It was a place in Ueno where the chicks wear plaid skirts. I really wanted to try it because it looked like it would be awesome. But no go. They wouldn’t even let me in when I came back with a Japanese friend. Bastards!

Pretty Getter has a few branches in Tokyo including shops in Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Shinjuku. They are open to white guys who are intelligent enough not to break any of the frankly very simple rules.

There are more places around too. I’ll try to review some soon. I just wanted to give you an overview of all the available pay for titty play in Japan. As you can see there are lots of options for boob lovers who travel the land of the rising sun.

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