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The 5 best Asian American porn stars of all time

There are tens of millions of Asian Americans. Millions more have lived and died in years past. Despite set backs and struggles Asian Americans have as a general rule established a great deal of success. Asians now

The 5 Best Asian American porn sites

Making a list of the best Asian American porn sites was tough. But I managed to pull my pants up and get it done. So now you will know where to go when you are looking to

Chicks keep posting sexy pictures on Ali Express

Here is a fun fact. Women from all over the world keep posting their sexy pictures in the reviews of products on Ali Express. I first saw this years ago. But I just found out there is

The 15 best Thai OnlyFans chicks

Everyone knows about OnlyFans. It’s a website where women post pictures and videos of themselves for paid subscribers. Most of the pictures and videos are basically porn. That is no secret. But how many guys outside of

Asian porn stars with big boobs

Today we are going to talk about Asian porn stars with big boobs. Forget what you heard about Asian women being totally flat, because by and large it is wrong. There are lots of Asian women with

The 5 best Chinese porn stars of all time

Although China is the most populous country in the world it has not produced a huge number of porn stars. Maybe that’s because China is busy producing everything else. Well I will let them stick to that

The 6 best Chinese porn websites

Looking for the best Chinese porn website is tougher than you might expect. Sure there is tons of generic Asian porn on the internet that is labeled “Chinese” by ignoramuses. But porn featuring actual Chinese women is

My review of Chinese Kisses

Chinese Kisses is a Chinese dating site. That is something you may already know. But is Chinese Kisses any good? I have put in a lot of time with this website and I can give you a