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I am happy to announce the release of my new book “Screw Prague!” The book was released exactly one week ago today. It can be read on basically every device that exists, from a Kindle reader to a smart phone to a PC. It’s not necessarily a long read but it’s not a short essay either. It is just enough to cover the city more or less in full in terms guys can understand and appreciate.

I can’t say that I am an absolute expert on Czechia and it’s capital city of Prague, but I have been there many times and I know my way around. Since there aren’t many other people dropping books like this the space was open for me to get in. You won’t get any bullshit in this book. It covers the place basically from top to bottom. Most of the stuff I write about hasn’t even been posted here on this website yet, though eventually it will all go online in one form or another.

Screw Prague guide for guys

There’s a lot going on in Prague. It’s a big city but not in the way Tokyo or New York is. Prague doesn’t have huge sky scrapers, it has old buildings with classic architecture. The prices don’t match Tokyo or New York either, thankfully. You can find decent food, drinks and rooms for cheap. It’s not a modern place but the women are up to today’s standards for sure. Anyway I like walking around there. It would be a decent place to visit even if there was no tail to be had. Of course there is though, and that’s probably more of a draw for a lot of dudes than the cobblestone walkways.

Czech chicks in Prague

With a few exceptions the chicks aren’t really out in the open though. It takes a while to figure things out unless you have an inside track on the place. Even big Prague strip clubs don’t necessarily have huge flashing neon signs out front. This is Prague not Beijing, Bangkok, or Macau. Things are a lot more subtle in Czechia, at least as far as outside appearances are concerned.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that I just put out my book “Screw Kuala Lumpur” at the end of April. Well here we are in early may and I’ve already got a few new pieces out. I plan to make another announcement tomorrow.

More books for men

Since I have a lot of other stuff planned in my life over the next few months I doubt I’ll be writing or publishing any more books. Posts will still come here on Mysexpedition, but there won’t be any new books coming over the summer unless something changes. Sure I’ll still be getting my screw on, but I also have some other things in mind to do along the way that aren’t attached to this site or what it’s about.

Luckily, I now have a virtual library of short but sweet books out for you to read on cities all over the world from Asia to Europe. You can chew on that material in the here and now and let it soak in. There’s no telling what the future will hold. If these books do well enough I’ll probably make more at some point. So far, so good but only time will tell.

Check back in twenty four hours for more. Then I’ll be able to tell you about another modern day masterpiece I have cooked up and served over the internet. The information will keep coming here on Mysexpedition, as least as long as my sexpedition continues!

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