Sex clubs in Jakarta


Prostitution is supposedly illegal in Indonesia but the city of Jakarta contains numerous large clubs that rival the sex saunas of Macau in terms of size and services available. These places are right out in the open, on main boulevards and with giant neon sides. They aren’t hiding from anyone.

The clubs are usually large buildings that have a mix of legitimate and naughty businesses all under one roof. They may contain things like a sauna, a spa, a night club, a massage parlor, a lounge, a karaoke parlor, a restaurant and even a hotel. The staff is professional and the prices are set. It’s a wonder they aren’t more well known but maybe that’s a good thing.

sexy club dancers in Jakarta

The places are really tailored to local guys with money to blow but anyone can visit. There are usually a lot of people around who can speak at least a smattering of English. There are usually a lot of women from other countries like Russia, China and Thailand around too and they use broken English to communicate with the local staff and managers.

In most of the places you walk in and get an arm band just like in the Macau Saunas. Then you wander around until you find something you like. The charges are added to your arm band number and you pay your check on the way out. Tips are expected in these places though which is different than Macau in my experience since no one has ever asked me for a tip at any sauna there.

The night clubs usually attract some locals who are actually looking for a club experience but there will be prostitutes around too. Some of them will be mixing it up in the crowd and some will be dancing on stages or around poles. Most of the pole dancers are available for the right price.

The massage parlors are usually shit and old or ugly Chinese women work in them. The price is right and you can get a happy ending but I usually avoid this since there are real beauties available for a relatively small amount of money.

The dancing girls can be some of the hottest sex workers you will find anywhere. Usually you can rub and suck their tits at your table if you buy them some lady drinks. If you buy enough drinks they might even pull your cock out and start sucking it. This is the most expensive option outside of fucking one of the “models” from another country but it sure is fun.

Even though the clubs are huge and elaborate they also have a lot of low cost options. You can usually fuck an Indonesian woman aged 19 – 25 or so for the equivalent of 30 dollars American. Women from China, Thailand, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries ask for more but the rates are still very reasonable. Dancing girls are more expensive still and sometimes they are only available for blowjobs or not at all. I never spend more than I would in Macau no matter what though.

There are so many of these places around it’s hard to come up with a list. I will make a post on the top places in the future. For now I’ll just throw out some places off the top of my head.

Malioboro on Jalan Gadjah Madah is one of the biggest and best places. V2 is just down the road and Illigals is across the street. King Cross is hard to find but it’s one of my favorite places in Jakarta. The Alexis Hotel on Jalan R.E. Martadinata is also well known. Some other places are Travel Hotel, Hotel Classic and M Star Hotel. I’ll write about some of these clubs in more detail soon.

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