Soaplands in Tokyo

There is more prostitution in Japan than I can write about. Most of the thousands of places won’t let foreigners in so there’s no point talking about them anyway. Some places are interesting like the pink salons where you can you cock sucked in a room full of people. Some of those will even let us gaijin through the doors. Some places sell full sex but never out in the open. The rules say that selling vaginal intercourse is illegal so shops either don’t sell it or they offer in indirectly in private hotel rooms where no one else will know about it.

Soaplands are the exception. These are places where Japanese women get naked, cover themselves in soap, slide all around your naked body, then fuck you for money. Some people say they are allowed to do this because they’re grandfathered in. I’ve never been able to find anything official to corroborate that but I don’t really care. They are there, they are open and some of them will even let me inside to screw the service providers. That’s enough for me!

This video gives you a perfect portrayal of what service is like in a Japanese soapland. Well, at least how it supposed to be. It is supposed to be pure service from beginning to end, but for foreigners it can be a different experience, if they can get the experience at all. Most of the women aren’t as hot as Yua Mikami either, but you’d be surprised how sexy some of them actually are!

Tokyo Japan sex soapland set to wash your balls

They think of everything! This seat gives access to your undercarriage for easy cleaning.

Most soaplands don’t want foreign customers. The economic downturn seems to have changed some of their attitudes but the majority will still give you the crossed arms “No Good” sign if you try to enter.

I can barely put a sentence together in Japanese but it hasn’t stopped me from sniffing out a bunch of soaplands that would serve me. A few of them have women who seem to specialize in foreigners and say a few things in English. Talking isn’t really all that important anyway. You are led through the whole process from beginning to end. They take you in a room and show you the available women (really the women available for your foreign ass), then they take your money, then you wait. A woman who may or may not look like the picture you pointed to then comes to get you. I’ve never been given a dog but it does seem that the like to stick me with the least attractive women on staff. They’re still good enough for me so I don’t care. Once the woman gets you she’ll take you to the soap room. She’ll strip you naked then she’ll get naked. She’ll sit you on a small plastic chair with a whole in the bottom and thoroughly clean your junk. After that she’ll fill a bathtub with hot water and antiseptic and put you in it. Then she’ll get a big mat warm and wet.

They usually wash you off a little bit and throw in some bareback blowjob action. I’ve heard of guys blowing their loads during this but frankly a minute or two of an average blowjob hasn’t been able to make me shoot since I was a teenager. After your bath they lay you on the mat and do the “mat play” which means they slide up and down your body in all sorts of weird positions. I like the feeling of soft tits on my back and the bottom of my feet but otherwise it doesn’t do much for me. The only thing that really gets me going is when they turn me and start sliding on my front because I get a nice view of their pussy and ass. That’s usually right before they suck me for a few minutes then pop on a condom and start riding me until I shoot.

After you bust your nut on the mat you go back in the bathtub and then wash off. She’ll put away the mat and then dry you off. Then you’ll go to a massage table and get a little rub down. If you book a lot of time you can get a few more shots off but if not this is usually the end of it.

Soaplands are are okay but they are expensive. Unless you’re dating or finding casual sex in Tokyo though they are one of your only options to get sex. Some of the soaploands are really pricey but they offer a true experience. Some are cheap but they stick you with an old lady. That can be okay if you’re into it but if you’re not it’s not so swell.

There are a few soaplands in Tokyo that accept foreigners as confirmed by me and my swinging dick. They include Satin Doll, Silky Doll, King’s Club, Pretty Girl and Darling Harbor in Yoshiwara. Some others are Kira Kira in Yokohoma and New York in Okachimachi (though the last one is blowjob only). Don Juan in Shinjuku is supposedly accepting of foreigners but at nearly a grand for a fuck I have no interest in trying it.

More recently a new soaplands opened up that are meant specifically for foreigners. That is Paradise soapland. It follows the soapland program pretty well. But they have everything set up to be easy for foreigners. So everything from their websites to their signs and rules are in English. Some of the chicks can only speak Japanese, but that is part of the experience!

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