Happy ending massage in Angeles City

As I’ve said in the past Angeles City is filled with go go bars loaded with chicks looking to get paid for sex. Because of that, and due to it being roughly in Southeast Asia, you might think there would be tons of happy ending massage parlors around. You’d be wrong.

There are some massage parlors around but it’s nothing like Thailand or even Ho Chi Minh City. And I mean that in every sense. There are less massage parlors and also the women working in the massage parlors don’t want to do happy endings.

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The most massage parlors are concentrated around Fields Avenue and Perimiter Road. This is also the area most foreigners hang around and not least of all because it’s where the go go bars are located. It’s a sort of main drag though the rest of the city could just as easily forget it, especially since they are looking to turn the city into a more respectable place. Or something like that.

The massage parlors in Angeles City are small businesses. They have some women wearing the kinds of professional sanitary outfits that nurses wear. Some of the chicks look good. Others not so much. As stated, the vast majority do not and will not do happy endings of any kind.

So why a post about happy ending massage in Angeles City? Because it does actually exist. It is just not found in the places people might expect.

Every night ladies and ladyboys hang out in the street in front of the Walking Street entrance. They ask dudes if they want a massage. What they really mean is “do you want to fuck me for money?” They are street walkers pure and simple, and they cause a lot of trouble in Angeles. There are horror stories of guys getting robbed, set up for extortion and more. It’s a bad scene, especially considering how bad the chicks normally look. Dating in the Philippines is a lot easier.

Happy ending massage is mainly limited to hotels. Some of the women who work at the aforementioned massage parlors, and even some of the women working in the massage departments of nicer hotels, will offer happy endings including sometimes even sex to guys who book massages in their own private rooms. It doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough to mention it.

Women who advertise online are more likely to offer it. These chicks make themselves found on apps like WeChat, the Korean app Kakaotalk, and Craigslist. Sometimes they work with an agent and sometimes they work alone.

They charge just a few hundred pesos. It comes out to five or ten dollars American. They do oil massages and other kinds of body massages. Most of them also do hand jobs happy endings. That’s about all they promise if they promise anything. Some offer more but won’t talk about it online.

My guess is that the local powers are trying to limit the growth of anything outside of the go go bars. Go go bars are easier to tax and mess around with. I’m not expert but I can’t figure out why else happy ending massage is so lacking in Angeles even while more straight forward go go bars exist all over.

Maybe with so many go go bars around there just isn’t any market for happy ending massage!

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