The 4 best Japanese cam sites

It wasn’t hard for me to make a list of the best Japanese webcam sites. There are only a handful of cam sites that focus on Japanese chicks to begin with. And there are not exactly a lot of Japanese models on any of the many other cam sites either. So I was able to filter things out pretty fast and come up with this definitive index of the best Japanese cam websites.

Going to each of the four websites on this list practically guarantees that you will find some very hot and very naked Japanese chicks to chat with and watch on screen. At the same time, it almost guarantees that you’ll end up spending some money. Like people who have commented on my previous lists, you might even find that you spend more money than you want. Unless of course you stick to the free chat section of the first site below.

1. Chaturbate

At this point, most people seem to agree that Chaturbate is the best webcam site in the world. I remember when it was just starting to show up as a competitor to other major cam sites. Now it’s the go to website for most people who want to watch sex cams online.

Chaturbate has the best model for me. Because I can look at the chicks fully nude in their free chat rooms. I don’t even have to log in. Then, if I want to tip them or encourage them to do something special, I just drop a few tokens and participate. It’s great. I also like that they allow couples, threesome, and more.

Japanese models on Chaturbate

But is Chaturbate one of the best Japanese webcam sites? The problem is that it can be hard to find Japanese chicks on Chaturbate. They definitely have Japanese models. But you have to track them down. The best way I have found to do that is to click on the “#asian” tag. Then I sort through the rooms looking for Japanese chicks.

Doing that lets me avoid all the shemale cam chats. Sure this takes a little work. But is it really work? They say if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. I guess “researching” naked chicks on cam would be included in that, since I eventually came here to update you all on my efforts.

2. DX Live

DX Live is an old school Japanese cam site that still packs a punch. It is as good now as it ever was. For anyone who wants to see real Japanese women from Japan naked on camera, this is one of the absolute best choices there is. In fact, it’s one of the only choices there is! They follow the old model where you have to buy some tokens to participate. But it’s worth it to get access to real Japanese chicks.

Of course this old school website looks like something out of the days of the internet. But that’s really common in Japan. I don’t know what it is, but a lot of tech stuff looks kind of old in Japan. It still works perfectly. The design elements are just dated.

This is a kind strange aspect of Japan. The country is wired with internet and highly technical. They’ve got robots and automatic toilets that talk to you. But even some of the biggest websites you see look really old and you can’t find WiFi anywhere. It’s kind of cool though. It reminds me of the early days of the “world wide web.”

3. Myfreecams

Myfreecams is not a Japanese-based website. But it still has an old school look. I didn’t really notice or care ten years ago when I first started going there. At this point though, it does sort of stand out. Thankfully it is not hard to navigate the site in order to find the Japanese models. All you have to do is type “Japanese” into the search bar above all the chat rooms. It’s that simple.

Japanese myfreecams

There are never a ton of Japanese chicks broadcasting on Myfreecams. But there are always some. And that alone is enough to get MFC a spot on my list of the best Japanese webcam sites. In fact, the first chick that really got me into MFC was a Japanese-American who dressed up like a sexy cat and played games. That’s all pretty common now. But back then it wasn’t the kind of thing you saw often. Since she spoke English it made things easier. Though someone looking for an “authentic J girl” would probably want to check elsewhere.

4. Sakura Live

Remember when I said DX Live is one of the only authentic Japanese cam girl sites? Well, Sakura Live is the other. Sakura Live is like DX Live, and vice-versa. Their website designs aren’t entirely the same, but they are pretty similar. Collectively these are two of the best Japanese webcam sites to be found.

Sakura Live is another old school site. And they want you to buy some tokens to participate too. But if you can spend a couple of bucks, you’ll get access to lots of live broadcasts from fully nude Japanese women. They’ve also started giving away “sample points” to new members, and offering “free chats.” This is likely an attempt to keep up with sites like Chaturbate and their “free show” model.

Lately, it seems like they’re starting to let other models onto Sakura Live. Maybe they can’t find enough Japanese models. So don’t be surprised if you see a couple of Filipinas or even Russian chicks on this Japanese cam site. Some of them are pretty hot. But they’re easy enough to avoid if you are looking for real Nippon chicks.

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