The five best go go bars in Pattaya


Yesterday I wrote about the best go go bars in Bangkok. Today I’ll tell you about what I think are the five best agogos in Pattaya which is arguably a more famous destination than the Big Mango for horny guys looking for some compensated companionship.

Pattaya go go bar dancers


Baccara on Walking Street is usually mentioned in lists of go go bars in Pattaya and there is good reason for that. Like Baccara in Bangkok the Pattaya go go is loaded with luscious women and several nightly stage shows. Like the Bangkok Baccara this place also gets crowded almost every night but it’s usually much easier to find a good seat at the stage or in a booth here than it is in the capital. When you sit at the stage you can look up above you through a glass ceiling to peep up the skirts of the women dancing upstairs. Seating on the top level is always easily attainable. The women wear numbers so they’re easy to call over but a few hold out for particular classes of customers like East Asians or guys who are throwing around tons of money.

Heaven Above

Heaven Above is located just off of Walking Street up a flight of stairs above Super Baby Agogo on Soi 15. It has plenty of seating and a large open stage on the ground level that lets you get a good look at the ladies. This place doesn’t have the biggest staff but it does have a disproportionate number of good lookers. The women at Heaven Above are beautiful but easy going. Taking a lady out of the bar usually requires no more than requesting it and there is even a short time with nice rooms hotel attached to the place. The biggest issues with this place are higher-than-normal bar fines and a small wait staff that can be hard to find. Visit Heaven Above’s website for pictures or more information.

Silver Star 2

Silver Star 2 is an older go go located on Beach Road Soi 7 is all nude all the time. Dozens of women crowd onto a small stage and gyrate in the buff with only a small see-through shawl to wear. You might think that in a naught boy town like Pattaya all the women would be running around in their birthday suits but that isn’t the case at all. Even in most go gos nowadays bikinis are as far as things go. There aren’t a lot of stunners at Silver Star 2 but the women that work there are good enough and most have big bouncy boobs. Every night there are interactive lesbian shows in a bathtub located on the floor and taking ladies out of the bar is as easy as paying a bar fine. It’s just like the good old days.


Queens is probably the best bar in LK Metro which is a lot like Walking Street but less crowded. Many women work the stage at Queens each night and there’s something to suit every taste. There are several shifts of dancers and they change at a decent pace which beats some of the other bars where you have to buy 3 over priced drinks before you can see one shift change to get an idea of what’s kind of ladies are available.


Cassanovas on Walking Street may be the best of all the go go bars in Pattaya at the moment. The women dance topless and the vast majority of them are beautiful. Even though it’s located in a tourist hot spot it has retained the old time flare that made Patts so famous to begin with. The ladies are friendly and happy to leave the bar with customers. The drink prices are reasonable and the bar fine is a standard 600 Baht.


I know I have already listed five bar, but I can’t forget Superbaby which also keeps up the old Pattaya vibe with shower shows near the stage and a fair 600 Baht bar fine that is eagerly pursued by most of the ladies who work there. So let Superbaby be a bonus. It isn’t filled with super models but there are a lot of women there every night and a wide range of looks (within the spectrum of what is available in Thailand at least). Let’s call this an extra just in case one of the others in unavailable.

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