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One tip to pick up women anywhere in the world

I’ve been living a constant life of travel and sex for many years. When I turned 19 I went on the road and never looked back. It has been one hell of a ride, and it’s still

Asian massage chicks are awesome

Asian massage girls are great. In fact, they are more than great. Without going into a 1990’s retro kick, I would even say they are awesome. You know, like nude selfies. Though I won’t go as far

The 5 best Cambodian porn sites

There is really no Cambodian porn to speak of, but the story isn’t that simple. For centuries Cambodian women walked around with their tits out. That unfortunately ended when the French showed up with their bullshit version

I just fucked 3 chicks in 2 hours

A couple of days ago I fucked three different Asian chicks in two hours. If you have been reading for a while, know me, or know the areas I hang around, this might not come as any

The 5 best Vietnamese porn stars of all time

Vietnamese women are underrepresented in porn. This is not some kind of PC slogan but a numerical fact. Home to almost 100 million people, Vietnam is the fifteenth biggest country in the world by population. And the

I spent all my stimulus money on hookers

The pandemic hit everyone hard. As an American, my reward for all the pain and suffering came in the form of two direct payments. The first for $1300 came in April 2020. The second for $600 just

I don’t have AIDS

Good news guys! I don’t have AIDS. I don’t have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, either. How do I know? I went for my semi-annual check up just over a week ago. On Friday, a nurse

I got a happy ending with my friend in the room

Handjob happy endings are widely available across Asia. I have had more than I can count. So they’re not usually that interesting to me. But recently I got one while my female friend was in the room.