Which STDs can you get in Thailand?

After a long partial closure, Thailand has now opened to some tourists. Thousands of guys have already started entering the country. Thousands more will head there soon. I am not a travel expert but I can guess that most of those guys aren’t go there to visit the shopping malls in Bangkok or the sewage covered beach of Pattaya. I think they want to go because they want to date or have sex with Thai women.

Speaking from my own experience I would say that both of those activities can be very fun. Except for when they are not. But they also come with their own risks. I wouldn’t dare to tell another man what to do. But I can tell you all about the STDs you can get in Thailand.

Thailand does have a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), or sexually transmitted infections (STI). Sure millions of men have been jerked, sucked and/or fucked by Thai women, men and ladyboys over the last 5-6 decades. But a fair number of them have also picked up a disease or two along the way. That is something that deserves a mention. Especially since some of these STDs can be brutal.

HIV and AIDS in Thailand

Right off the bat we have to talk about the big one. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. It is pretty widespread in Thailand. In fact, Thailand has one the highest rates of HIV outside of Africa. In fact, Thailand has a higher HIV infection rate than even some countries in Africa. Since Africa has long been the epicenter of the HIV epidemic, this ought to tell you something.

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The statistics say that Thailand has a 1.1 percent HIV infection rate. That means more than 1 out of every 100 people has the virus. That is double the rate in neighboring Cambodia, and four times the rate of nearby Vietnam. Both Cambodia and Vietnam are much poorer and less developed countries. That too ought to tell you something.

HIV is especially concentrated in certain populations of Thailand. That includes gay people, ladyboys and female sex workers. In other words, a lot of the people that horned up foreigners might interact with. A fair number of people not involved in the sex trade also have HIV. So it is a pretty serious thing. HIV can be managed in some people but there is no cure.

Common STDs in Thailand

All of the common and curable STIs can also be found in Thailand in pretty high numbers. In case you ditched sex ed that means you can get chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, hepatitis a, heptatis e, mycoplasma, scabies and crabs in Thailand.

You can also pick up a number of common but incurable infections in Thailand. Those include herpes 1, herpes 2, HPV (genital warts), hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and hepatitis c. Some of these can be treated and managed. But none can be cured.

Then you have the weird STIs in Thailand. They are unfortunately common in Thailand though you may have ever heard of them unless you live or work in the third world. Here I am talking about some really nasty stuff like chancroid, molluscum contagiosum, and the absolutely horrifying donovanosis.

Finally there are the bacteria which have mutated to get around our longstanding common cures. For example there is a strain of resistant gonorrhea in Asia that often pops up in Thailand. Even the standard clap is getting stronger there. That’s why what used to be cured with a single pill now requires a shot in the ass or even an IV treatment. This stuff is no joke.

Dealing with sexual diseases in Thailand

The only way to prevent STDs completely is to avoid sex. The next safest way is to stick to handjobs. After that comes with a condom. The further you go the more risk you add. So bareback anal sex with a known junky with hemorrhoids during a drug fueled gangbang is probably as dangerous as it gets. But a simple single blowjob one night could also result in a dose of the clap.

Most STDs will show some kinds of symptoms in men. Like drippy dick or the feeling of trying to piss out a cactus. But there are infections that barely show or don’t produce symptoms at all.

The only real way to know if you have an STD is to get tested. Unfortunately I do not trust STD tests in Thailand. That doesn’t mean I never take STD tests in Thailand. I do. I just don’t trust the findings due to my past experiences.

This is just the sort of thing you have to deal with in this part of the world. You should know something is up when you realize you’re in a place where women will suck cock in the bushes for $6 or take a creampie from a stranger for $30.

Life is cheap when times are hard. Pleasure can be easier to find than common sense when education and income are both lacking. You have to realize what you are dealing with. Then and only then can you make an educated decision about how you want to behave. That goes for Thailand and anywhere else in the world.

I have had sexual interactions with hundreds of women in Thailand. So far my dick is still intact but no one knows what the future may hold. Especially when some Thai women actually cut off penises.

Welcome to the land of smiles!

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