Prostitutes on Beach Road in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand is famous for its naughty nightlife more than anything else, especially the not-so-beautiful beach. While there is a lot of cheap sex available all over the city there is probably nothing cheaper than the services of the prostitutes on Beach Road, which expats like to call “the coconut bar,” outside of maybe some dodgy establishments set up for local guys on the outskirts.

Pattaya beach road prostitutes

Every night starting around dark, which in Pattaya can be as early as 5:30 PM, women start lining up on the beach side of Beach Road. They sit along the long promenade looking for guys to pick them up for sex. There can be hundreds of women on a good night but after one of the occasional sweeps when the local cops decide to cart some of the women off to pay a fine the place can be almost deserted. Usually it’s full. There are even some women around in the day but the pickings can be dreadfully slim.

There are some regular civilians who hang out along Beach Road at night and approaching them wouldn’t be wise. That’s especially true if they have a brother or husband nearby. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to tell who is there for what. If you look at a civilian and smile you may get a smile back, but that’s about it. If you look at a hooker and smile she’ll probably light up and may even say something like “hello how are you?” in English.

Picking up prostitutes on Beach Road

If you’re interested you can stop and chat them up. Before long the discussion will go to services. If the women give the price quote they may ask for as much as 1000 Baht. I’ve even heard of a few asking for more. The going rate has been 500 Baht as long as I can remember though a select few will balk at that nowadays. Almost every woman on the beach would agree to 700 Baht for a short time session but since that’s as much as they get in the short time bars on Soi 6 it’s actually not that much of a deal.

Screw Pattaya book

There’s a lot of discussion over why women would work the beach when there are so many other options in Pattaya like beer bars, go go bars and blowjob bars. Some say there must be something wrong with this women like a mental problem or a disease. I don’t know how true that is. There are certainly women working in establishments with both of those things too. Others say they have pimps. I don’t know how true that is but I have seen some talking with shady guys down by the water in between meeting customers. Others say many of them are part timers. I do know that this is true at least in some cases as I’ve personally known some women with regular jobs in other towns who travel to Pattaya to work the beach once or twice a month.

Whatever the case there is a full range of women working the beach and the gambit of Thai ladies is represented. There are old Thai ladies with big bellies and saggy tits, there are twenty year old women trying to make a little extra money on the weekend on there are several ladyboys who either seem to be super pros with lots of plastic surgery or newbies who look like regular Thai guys with long hair and painted fingernails.

Is it safe? Probably not

A lot of warnings go out about the ladyboys. There are always stories of them groping passing guys and lifting their wallets in the process. This has never happened to me or anyone I know but I’ve seen enough reports in the local newspaper and on internet forums to know that it’s probably true. I have seen Beach Road ladyboys grab guys but that’s never happened to me either. When I pass them I look straight ahead and show absolutely no interest and there’s no problem. Some guys do take the Beach Road ladyboys home but I can’t say much about that. I’ve never even conversed with one on Beach Road.

I have had sex with women on Beach Road. A few were real gems. The best ever was a 20 year old student from Bangkok on her second night in town. Her body was fantastic and I fucked her several times throughout the night in my hotel room for a mere 1000 Baht, which was 300 more than we initially agreed to. I kept in touch with her and met her many more times in Bangkok the following year.

I’ve never had a really bad experience with a Beach Road woman. The worst would be the twenty year old who looked great in clothes but turned out to have really hairy legs and one breast that was triple the size of the other (according to her because she only used that one to feed her baby). She wasn’t much of a lay and she wouldn’t even give head. For 15 dollars American I couldn’t really complain even then.

Some guys say you should negotiate everything like blowjobs in advance to make sure there’s no disappointment. When I take a really open and experienced woman I usually do ask if they suck before I agree to take them but sometimes it would be too weird. I guess picking up a prostitute on a beach at night could be considered weird too, but not to me at this point.

The selection on the beach can change a lot from one day to the next but it usually requires a lot of walking to find someone in their early 20’s with an attractive body worth the money. A few times I’ve walked almost the whole beach from Walking Street to Soi 4 without finding anyone decent. That’s a real waste of time and energy, especially in the heat of Pattaya and with so many sure things around.

Nowadays I rarely take a lady from the Beach but if I do it’s only when I’m staying at a hotel near the beach or willing to use one of the nearby short time hotels. If I’m staying further out the cost of a moto sai to and from the hotel can be almost as much as I’m giving the lady. If I get a short time hotel and pay 500 Baht for it it’s the same kind of thing. The Soi 6 short time bars and blowjob bars are just much easier and sometimes cheaper too.


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