Hotel massage in Ho Chi Minh City

Hotel based massage parlors in Ho Chi Minh City often have pretty chicks in sexy uniforms. As you may guess they also typically offer happy endings. Usually that means a handie done at the end of a massage. But in at least a couple of the places the chicks will even use their mouths for the right price. But in my experience full service is never offered.

It is pretty common for hotels to offer massage services in Asia. When you are in your room you might see some kind of advertisement offering massage. In Japan they usually send an old lady who does a mainstream massage. Very rarely it might turn sexual as you see here. In Thailand and Cambodia the hotel usually just calls someone in from a massage shop or the street. They sometimes offer a hand job at the end. But in Vietnam it is a different thing.

Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam. Of course it is still widespread. But more common are people and places doing suck jobs or hand jobs. I guess this isn’t viewed as poorly by the powers that be. Because they seem to leave it alone. Especially in Ho Chi Minh City.

Where to find hotel massage in HCMC

Many two and three star hotels in HCMC like the Saigon Star and Liberty 2 have massage areas inside. And I do mean many. I have been to at least 20 of these places. And I have seen even more than that. If a hotel has a massage area on its own floor it usually works just like all the others. So there isn’t much guessing to do. Sure some guys might go in these places and get nothing but a massage I guess. I can only tell you what I have experienced and remind you to read the disclaimer.

sexy vietnamese legs

Normally these places will be on a top floor. They usually have a lobby like area where you check in. They might have options for regular or VIP rooms. A VIP room is big and has stuff like a whirlpool, steam room, television and couch. The regular rooms are just massage tables in small plain rooms. The typical cost of a regular room is 400,000 Vietnamese Dong which comes out to about $17 in US Dollars. A VIP room normally costs 700,000 VND or about $30 American. I almost always take the VIP room.

From there everything is straight forward. A dude will bring in some drinks and snacks. Then he might ask for a preference on the woman. This is bullshit as they send in whoever is next. If you do tell him you want a chick with big boobs or whatever he will expect a tip. So I just ignore these guys.

Next the chick comes in, says hi, turns on the steam and starts running the hot water. She puts you in the steam room then watches TV. After I start sweating I usually come out with a hard on. Then she will take me to the bath to wash off my sweat and give me a nice shampoo. Then she gets the towel.

Happy ending massage

On to the table face down for a regular old massage that in my experience is never very special. This is however a good chance to use my one tip. I’ve gotten extra mileage after flirting with some of these chicks. I even ended up dating one and meeting another outside. Though even back in the day when I couldn’t even say khĂ´ng I was still getting nice happy endings in hotel massage parlors.

On the flip side is where the fun usually happens. Typically it is a nice oiled up handjob done with skill if not pizazz. Some chicks will pull their bras down. Others dont. They all wear skirts with shorts built right in to prevent any monkey business in the bush.

Mechanical but good describes a lot of these ladies. Most of them realize they’re in a business and they just pump one load out after another like a factory worker. Unless of course they feel some connection or a chance for a bigger tip.

Speaking of that the chicks carry pieces of paper they give out at the end of the massage. You write the amount of tip on the paper. The idea is that they can’t pressure you into giving a tip bigger than you want. Because you can just change the paper after they leave. Normally dudes in Vietnam tip the same amount as the massage. So a VIP ends up costing about $60 American.

That is still not too bad considering you get over an hour in a luxury suite with a hot chick attending to your every need. After the massage and clean up they usually feed me fruit and even hold the water and tea up to my mouth so I can drink. I don’t mind paying sixty bucks to live like a king even if it is only for 90 minutes.

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