How to have sex with a prostitute without getting a disease

When I tell guys about my adventures traveling the world and fucking hundreds of women from numerous countries they often ask me about diseases. I get the same questions from other guys when I tell them about the wide variety of interesting sex selling shops out there like blowjob bars and sex saunas. I can’t give them any medical advice because I’m not a doctor. I can give them stories relating to my own experiences. And I can say that it is possible to have sex with a prostitute without getting a disease.

Instead of repeating the same thing over and over I’ll just write it out here. That way the next time some sexless guy in a dive bar in the middle of North Dakota asks me the question I can give him a link to this post and save myself thirty minutes of time that could be better used finding more pussy.

Simply put there’s no such thing as safe sex. Even health professionals admit this. The better ones talk about “safer sex” because they realize that most people are going to fuck no matter what and they want to give people the best chance at staying healthy.

Use a condom

Some practices are considered “low risk” like licking pussy and sucking cock or getting your cock sucked. The receiver is under even less risk than the giver. It’s possible to spread the clap this way and maybe some other things but they are all curable except herpes. There’s some debate over whether HIV can be spread this way but it seems theoretically possible under the best (or worst) possible conditions. Since so many prostitutes suck cock without a condom that it’s practically standard in many places I don’t think the risk is high at all for something deadly. I got the clap once after getting sucked off in a blowjob bar. It burned like a bitch for two days, testing required me to get a cotton swab stuck in my dick hole and treatment required two shots in the ass. I swore I’d never get sucked off without a condom again. I gave up that pledge about a month later in the heat of the moment and never looked back. I’ve been sucked off by more mouths than I could ever count and I haven’t had a problem since except for once when I showed up with a mild “non specific” infection that was probably due to the woman licking my asshole for thirty minutes before she blew me for another half hour. Her mouth probably wasn’t so clean.

A handjob aka a “happy ending” is about as low risk as it gets and probably couldn’t spread any sexual diseases of any kind but you could theoretically get a scratch or something on your knob end and end up with some discomfort. I can say that having my cock jacked probably 1000 times in my life has never led to any problems at all but some low end massage parlors have used cheap oil that left me with rashes on my legs and stomach.

Full sex is obviously risky without a condom. It’s the easiest way to pass most diseases though serious sources I have read say that statistically a guy would get infected with HIV once out of every 2500 times he fucked an infected woman without a condom. Of course this can be thrown around by all kinds of stuff like her health, his health, her viral load, whether or not she was bleeding or infected with other things, whether she was on medicine and more. The odds are better than the lottery though it’s not a “prize” any of us would want to win.

Unprotected anal is the most dangerous of all sex acts and stats I read suggest likely infection in as little as one out of 100 exposures. This doesn’t mean you can fuck 99 infected assholes and stop. The first exposure could be the one and the next 99 could not.

With sex workers we hear two kinds of arguments. Some consider sex with them “high risk” and come up with crazy statistics that suggest things like 75% of prostitutes being infected. Others, including some very seriously respected and studied health professionals, say that sex workers are more aware of their health than anyone else, get checked regularly and are probably of lower risk than a random one night stand hook up from a club or the internet. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

Some sex workers keep up on their health, some work in places like the Devil’s Den in Pattaya where they get tested regularly, and some use condoms for everything always. Others have no sex education, let guys fuck them without a condom in the heat of the moment or for extra money or do other high risk acts when they aren’t working.

The safest way to fuck a prostitute is to use a condom for everything, but that’s still not really safe. It’s just safer than fucking them without a condom. If they have no disease at all then any kind of sex you have with them is safe, but you have no way of knowing if they do or not. Women often don’t even have symptoms of sexual disease so they might not even know they have one.

The safest sex comes with a long time partner with you and her being monogamous throughout your relationship. How realistic this is for most of us is another question. You might be monogamous only to find out that your honey dearest has been getting pumped in the ass by her chlamydia infested manager after work. Don’t believe the story she told you about getting it from a toilet seat. Alice says that can’t happen.

Some things can make us hopeful. There are good treatments now that mean that HIV is no longer a death sentence. There are pills you can take if you are exposed that can lower your risk. There’s even a pill that may prevent you from getting HIV even if you are exposed to it as long as you take it regularly. These are small steps but they are something. We still have to hope we don’t get infected with anything and act in a way that minimizes our risks.

How can you have sex with a prostitute and be sure that you won’t get a disease? You can’t. The only thing that is totally safe is not having sex at all, with anyone. Since that’s totally lame the best thing we can do now is be as safe as we possibly can and hope that someone finds a cure or vaccine for all the diseases out there (or better yet, donate toward that research).

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