I got a happy ending with my friend in the room

Handjob happy endings are widely available across Asia. I have had more than I can count. So they’re not usually that interesting to me. But recently I got one while my female friend was in the room. She didn’t necessarily watch, but she knew it was happening. And the chick jacking me off even announced when I shot my load.

There have been a couple of times that I got a handjob during a massage with a girlfriend in another part of the building in the past. Once a Thai girl I was dating wanted a foot massage. So we ducked into one of the many regular massage parlors on Sukhumvit in Bangkok. She sat down in the chair to get her feet rubbed. I went upstairs for a Thai massage which was done on a bed behind a curtain. The Thai MILF bumped my cock a couple of times and made it stir. I smiled and she smiled back. Then she moved the towel and jacked me off with oil. I shot a big load with my girlfriend waiting downstairs. She had no clue. But that’s a tale for another time.

How we got a couple’s massage

This day was different. I was hanging out with a girl I have known for years. We even took a couple of trips together. She is different from a lot of locals. But she has a killer body, which I learned from multiple bareback sex sessions. She’s also quite open minded. If I was the marrying type, I would have to give her some real consideration.

full body massage

Anyway we were looking for something to do in Phnom Penh. We ended up taking a ride around. Eventually we passed a massage parlor. It was nighttime and the area was dark and dead. We’re talking pandemic period here. Even though Cambodia did not shut down, there was still a measurable impact with the loss of mass tourism.

So this place looked cold and lonely with just two people out front instead of the usual pack. I noticed it. I wondered if my friend did too. I asked her if she wanted to try a massage. She said she was just thinking the same thing. So I doubled back and was greeted by a short Cambodian chick in her thirties and a very obviously gay Cambodian dude in his twenties. They were friendly and welcomed us in. We selected an oil massage and went off to a private room.

Getting an oil massage

I got totally naked like you do for an oil massage. My friend stripped down to her panties. We wrapped in towels and waited. Thankfully the gay dude knew to massage my friend instead of me. So everything was cool. We laid down on our stomachs and they started massaging. I struck up a conversation and we were all talking. We talked about how slow business was and how quite the area became.

My friend was talking too. Knowing me, she somewhat jokingly asked if they ever did “special massages.” The gay dude looked shy, laughed and said no. The lady rubbing me said matter-of-factly that she did whenever a guy asked. My friend asked how much they paid. The lady said fifty bucks, which I highly doubt even if some guys are suckers.

Talk proceeded normally until it was time to turn over. My friends big tits spilled out and everyone laughed. The gay guy said they were nice. The lady was even more interested. She wanted to touch them. My friend let her. She gave a quick grab then said her own tits were saggy from having kids. When she came back to my side my friend asked me if I wanted a special massage. I said sure. So my friend asked the masseuse if she would give me a special massage.

Things turn sexual

First the lady though she was joking. Then she said she was scared to do it in front of my girlfriend. My friend told her she wasn’t my girlfriend. The masseuse hesitated for just a minute. I said it was okay if she didn’t want to do it. The masseuse asked again if we were sure. We said yes. So she said okay.

She repositioned herself between my legs and started working her way up to my nuts. Suddenly she had a big bright smile. Then she threw the towel to the side and started rubbing my cock. I have to say it was a really great handy as far as handjobs go. She kept moving around so she could jack it in different angles. I noticed that the gay dude even tried to catch a couple of looks but I didn’t care.

Meanwhile the conversation went on as normal, which to me made the situation even hotter. Finally she moved to the left which blocked my friend’s view of my hard oiled cock. Then she really started going at it. She jerk firmly and furiously with her other hand somehow massaging my balls, taint and asshole simultaneously. Everything went quiet and I shot my load far and wide. A true pro, she pointed my rod down so the wad would shoot onto the bed instead of my body. Then she announced,”he came a lot.” Everyone laughed and then she wiped me up.

A happy ending

After that things went back to normal. We continued the massage and kept talking. It finished with us sitting up and getting a really nice head and back massage. Having drained my balls really helped me relax. My friend knew that and I appreciate her for that.

I appreciate the masseuse too. That’s why I tipped her in the room before going downstairs to pay for the massage at the front desk. I know the game. She probably didn’t want the guy running the register to know that she just jacked me off. Especially with a group of people in the room.

I asked how much she wanted. She said “up to you.” So I gave five bucks to the gay guy and twenty bucks to the masseuse. She counted it and said thanks. Then we all went downstairs. I paid the bill, put on my shoes, and headed out the door. They said goodbye and asked us to come back. Then I took my friend home and fucked her. It was a good night.

Normally I would tip ten bucks for a happy ending handjob in this part of the world. But I didn’t haggle this time. I figured it was worth the higher fee for the experience. Plus it seems like this kind of service should come at a premium when performed in front of an audience. What do you think?

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