Review of Bunker and Terminal in Jakarta

Bunker and Terminal in Jakarta are clubs filled with prostitutes. They are pretty much the same kinds of places. And they’re even located in the same building. So I am going to review them simultaneously. I’ve been writing a lot lately and I don’t want to overburden myself or you guys out there either.

The Classic Hotel is a girl friendly hotel in North Jakarta. Inside there are a lot of different levels. So it kind of looks like a shopping mall or office building in the front. Except that there are bars with women on three of the floors. They are Bunker, Classic Terminal and Classic Terminal II. There is also a spa in the building, but I won’t review it here.

Classic Terminal in Jakarta

Classic Terminal is located on the second floor. You can get to it from the lobby. Just follow the sounds of a bar. Sometimes they have a live band inside. Other times they just roll with a DJ. They used to have naked chicks dancing on stage. But it seems like they ended this with some changes in government and the overall environment. There might still be dancers. But they don’t get naked or let you touch them for lady drinks any more.

But guys still go there. Because the main attraction isn’t the shitty band or the dancers. It’s all the other chicks in the bar. They sit up against the wall or hang out with customers. But they aren’t necessarily like most hostess bar chicks.

classic terminal girls jakarta

These women make their money by taking guys to the rooms in the basement. The price is pretty cheap too at 365,000 Rupiah a pop. They even offer a threesome discount of 555,000. At just under 39 American dollars, that ain’t bad. It’s also why the place is so popular with local dudes.

Classic Terminal II is also called Terminal 5 by some people. That’s because it’s on the fifth floor. It is basically the same as the original club. It just has some different people inside. Still it can be worth a look if just to get some variety. Sometimes one club will be crowded and the other will be more open. It doesn’t seem to follow any rhyme or reason.

Bunker Club

The Bunker Club is on the first floor. It is pretty much like the other two places, but it has a slightly better reputation. I don’t know if it is owned by the same people or not. It doesn’t really matter though, as it offers its own kind of experience. It seems a little more relaxed and more like a lounge in the Bunker. At least that is the perception.

For some reason, the chicks in Bunker seem to be a letter better looking. There are plenty of hot chicks on the upper floors. But overall, they just seem to be a little bit prettier in Bunker. I am not the only one who thinks so either. This is part of the reason it has a better reputation.

Otherwise, things are basically the same. You can hang out on the dance floor for as long as you’d like. If you want to take one of the chicks there to a room they charge you 365,000 Rupiah on the way. Plus whatever the cost is for your drinks. They even use the same rooms. So things are all basically tied together. And that’s it.

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