Compensated Dating in Japan

As you probably already know, Japan is filled with sex stores of all kinds. I’ve already told you about some of the types of places around the country like pink salons where women suck cock on demand and oppai pubs where you get to play with six tits in less than an hour.

Paying for fun is a normal part of life in Japan. According to what I’ve heard and read it has been that way for hundreds of years. Everyone knows about geishas right? There was even a book and multi-million dollar movie released about it all over the world.

Geishas sort of straddled the line between pure pay for play and more intimate dating. Some guys like that. While a lot of guys aim to find a “porn star experience” others go around looking for the best “girlfriend experience.”

About Japanese paid dating

People work hard in Japan. Plus the culture doesn’t leave a ton of room for what westerners might consider normal dating. Because of this a niche was created in the form of paid dating. Sometimes guys pay girls directly to date and other times they pay a service to arrange dates for them. This is more like regular dating though money is used to make connections instead of pickup lines or romance. For people with cash it’s a lot quicker and easier to plop down some funds and get hooked up with a hot chick than to stand around in front of a train station trying to play the nanpa game.

Guide to Japanese girls

Paid dating comes in a few forms. The first is digital. Guys either sign up at paid dating sites or use bulletin boards to find part time chicks looking for a little extra money. These websites are all in Japanese. If you can read and write Japanese you don’t need me to tell you about them or how they work. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use them anyway. The good thing is that you can still pick up chicks online using English language dating sites. Unlike some other countries the women looking for money in Japan don’t use these kinds of sites so you can be sure you’ll only find regular Japanese women who are genuinely interested in dating foreigners.

Another form of paid dating comes in the form of “date cafes” or dating clubs. These might seem weird to foreigners but they’re actually on the up and up. There are a few versions but one is most common. Women show up whenever they feel like making some money. They sign in and sit in a room behind a glass window. Guys looking for some action then come to the shop and look at the chicks. If they see one they want they write their number down on a piece of paper and give it to one of the workers. The worker then calls the chick out and she meets with the guy for a few minutes. They make small talk and figure out if they are compatible. Some chicks just want to go out for drinks or food but many are up for going straight to a love hotel for some action. Most chicks want 5000 Yen for a regular date and 10000 to 30000 yen for a hookup but it’s all up for negotiation.

Most customers at these places are Japanese but foreigners are usually accepted too. I’ve seen an English chick in one of these clubs before. She was chubby and unappealing. I wouldn’t do her for free but I guess she is exotic to the locals. Kirari Cafe is one of the most well known dating cafe chains in Tokyo. It’s like the McDonald’s of paid dating. Their sign even looks like the golden arches. They have a few locations. Three are in Shibuya. Two are in Ikebukuro. I think there are a few more too. First timers have to sign up for a membership to use the club. Basically you write down a fake name on a piece of paper and your phone number. They then call the number to make sure it’s real. I guess they want a way to track down any psychos who would use the club’s services for nefarious means. A membership costs 2000 Yen. Every time you show up at the club you have to pay another 2000 Yen. It’s not cheap but it’s not too expensive either. It’s definitely cheaper than trial and error dating but obviously straight street pickups would be the cheapest for those able to score them.

High end dating services

Finally there are the high end date arrangement services. These aren’t like the other places mentioned. They charge a lot of money and tend to attract a high end clientele and set of ladies. As usual you get what you pay for. These services have huge online databases that contain pictures, video and information on all of the chicks up for dating. They even mark down stuff like how wiling a chick is to do it on the first date and their “red days.” Usually you have to set up a membership then go through the database to find chicks you like. You then tell the company you want to arrange a date and they try to put it together for you. It’s not always a lock so it’s best to try for two or three chicks at once. That way you know you’ll get at least one for the time frame you have.

I only know of one high end paid dating service that accept foreigners and has an English language website and staff. That’s Universe Club. Most of their customers are Japanese but apparently they have enough foreigners and visiting businessmen to keep an English language set up going. The service is huge. They operate all over Japan and they have over a thousands women on the roster. Most of the chicks are regular ladies who want to make extra money after their work or studies but there are a few pros on board too. At least two Japanese porn stars are in the mix that I know of. With so many Japanese women doing porn there are probably others there too.

A one year membership at Universe Club starts at 30000 Yen. Other more expensive options allow for more options and cheaper dates. The fee for each date depends on the class the lady is in. Dates start at 30000 Yen each. You also have to pay for the food and drinks or for whatever else you do. On top of that you have to pay the chicks for their time. For a regular date they usually expect 5000 Yen for taxi money. If they do it with a customer they expect 30000 Yen or more. It’s not cheap.

Some gaijin guys have no trouble dating or picking up chicks in Japan. Even though there is a language barrier I have always done pretty well. Sometimes it takes too much time and effort. With so many paid options available it is usually a lot easier just to break out the bucks. For the most part I only visit for a week or two at a time so I don’t want to waste my time swiping through dozens of Tinder pictures only to come up with nothing. I guess that’s a big reason why these paid dating options exist. Another is that guys often have more money than good looks or game. I guess a balding forty five year old business man could date a nineteen year old if he tried hard enough but by spending a few thousand yen he can make it a sure thing without any real effort at all.

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