Compensated Dating in Japan

As you probably already know, Japan is filled with sex stores of all kinds. I’ve already told you about some of the types of places around the country like pink salons where women suck cock on demand and oppai pubs where you get to play with six tits in less than an hour.

Paying for fun is a normal part of life in Japan. According to what I’ve heard and read it has been that way for hundreds of years. Everyone knows about geishas right? There was even a book and multi-million dollar movie released about it all over the world.

enjo kosai compensating dating

Geishas sort of straddled the line between pure pay for play and more intimate dating. Some guys like that. While a lot of guys aim to find a “porn star experience” others go around looking for the best “girlfriend experience.”

I first wrote about compensated dating in Japan in 2016. I have been continually updating this article based on my own experiences ever since. I have now been through plenty of compensated dates. Read on to find out how they went.

About paid dating in Japan

People work hard in Japan. Plus the culture doesn’t leave a ton of room for what westerners might consider normal dating. Because of this a niche was created in the form of paid dating. Sometimes guys pay girls directly to date and other times they pay a service to arrange dates for them. This is more like regular dating though money is used to make connections instead of pickup lines or romance. For people with cash it’s a lot quicker and easier to plop down some funds and get hooked up with a hot chick than to stand around in front of a train station trying to play the nanpa game.

Paid dating comes in a few forms. The first is digital. Guys either sign up at paid dating sites or use bulletin boards to find part time chicks looking for a little extra money. These websites are all in Japanese. If you can read and write Japanese you don’t need me to tell you about them or how they work. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use them anyway. The good thing is that you can still pick up chicks online using English language dating sites. Unlike some other countries the women looking for money in Japan don’t use these kinds of sites so you can be sure you’ll only find regular Japanese women who are genuinely interested in dating foreigners.

sexy japanese woman on street

Another form of paid dating comes in the form of “date cafes” or dating clubs. These might seem weird to foreigners but they’re actually on the up and up. There are a few versions but one is most common. Women show up whenever they feel like making some money. They sign in and sit in a room behind a glass window. Guys looking for some action then come to the shop and look at the chicks. If they see one they want they write their number down on a piece of paper and give it to one of the workers. The worker then calls the chick out and she meets with the guy for a few minutes. They make small talk and figure out if they are compatible. Some chicks just want to go out for drinks or food but many are up for going straight to a love hotel for some action. Most chicks want 5000 Yen for a regular date and 10000 to 30000 yen for a hookup but it’s all up for negotiation.

Most customers at these places are Japanese but foreigners are usually accepted too. I’ve seen an English chick in one of these clubs before. She was chubby and unappealing. I wouldn’t do her for free but I guess she is exotic to the locals. Kirari Cafe is one of the most well known dating cafe chains in Tokyo. It’s like the McDonald’s of paid dating. Their sign even looks like the golden arches. They have a few locations. Three are in Shibuya. Two are in Ikebukuro. I think there are a few more too. First timers have to sign up for a membership to use the club. Basically you write down a fake name on a piece of paper and your phone number. They then call the number to make sure it’s real. I guess they want a way to track down any psychos who would use the club’s services for nefarious means. A membership costs 2000 Yen. Every time you show up at the club you have to pay another 2000 Yen. It’s not cheap but it’s not too expensive either. It’s definitely cheaper than trial and error dating but obviously straight street pickups would be the cheapest for those able to score them.

High end dating services

Finally there are the high end date arrangement services. These aren’t like the other places mentioned. They charge a lot of money and tend to attract a high end clientele and set of ladies. As usual you get what you pay for. These services have huge online databases that contain pictures, video and information on all of the chicks up for dating. They even mark down stuff like how wiling a chick is to do it on the first date and their “red days.” Usually you have to set up a membership then go through the database to find chicks you like. You then tell the company you want to arrange a date and they try to put it together for you. It’s not always a lock so it’s best to try for two or three chicks at once. That way you know you’ll get at least one for the time frame you have.

I only know of one high end paid dating service that accept foreigners and has an English language website and staff. That’s Universe Club. Most of their customers are Japanese but apparently they have enough foreigners and visiting businessmen to keep an English language set up going. The service is huge. They operate all over Japan and they have over a thousands women on the roster. Most of the chicks are regular ladies who want to make extra money after their work or studies but there are a few pros on board too. At least two Japanese porn stars are in the mix that I know of. With so many Japanese women doing porn there are probably others there too.

compensated dating at universe club

A one year membership at Universe Club starts at 30000 Yen. Other more expensive options allow for more options and cheaper dates. The fee for each date depends on the class the lady is in. Dates start at 30000 Yen each. You also have to pay for the food and drinks or for whatever else you do. On top of that you have to pay the chicks for their time. For a regular date they usually expect 5000 Yen for taxi money. If they do it with a customer they expect 30000 Yen or more. It’s not cheap.

Some gaijin guys have no trouble dating or picking up chicks in Japan. Even though there is a language barrier I have always done pretty well. Sometimes it takes too much time and effort. With so many paid options available it is usually a lot easier just to break out the bucks. For the most part I only visit for a week or two at a time so I don’t want to waste my time swiping through dozens of Tinder pictures only to come up with nothing. I guess that’s a big reason why these paid dating options exist. Another is that guys often have more money than good looks or game. I guess a balding forty five year old business man could date a nineteen year old if he tried hard enough but by spending a few thousand yen he can make it a sure thing without any real effort at all.

My experience with Universe Club in Tokyo

Months after discovering Universe Club I finally got the time and funds together to join. Luckily, joining Universe Club was pretty painless. I just had to contact them to set up an appointment. Then I took a train to Ebisu in Tokyo and met with a Japanese lady who surprised me by speaking with a heavy New York accent. She took down my basic information, likes, and dislikes, and collected my 30,000 Yen membership fee, then I was back on my way.

I got my log in information and hit the Universe Club website the next day. It didn’t take me long to realize why guys with money use these kinds of services. Not even the best escort services in the world let you sort through thousands of women by everything from body type to interest. It’s easier to find a chick you like on the Universe Club website than it is to buy a pair of shoes on Amazon!

review of universe club japan

As recommended, I made a list of a few chicks who looked and sounded great. I was able to check out their pictures and short videos of them moving around to get a real idea of what they looked and acted like. It was surreal.

I was only planning on being in Japan for a few weeks. Although a membership lasts a year, I wasn’t sure if I would be back in Japan again any time soon. So, I wanted to get in as many dates as possible while in town. I contacted the club by email with my list of ladies and asked them to set me up on some dates. It wasn’t long before my choice from the “standard class” accepted my invitation. All I had to do was pay a setting fee. Paying another fee struck me as odd at first, but considering all they do I understand it. Plus they have to get their piece. Once they set you up with the girl they don’t get involved any further. So you can meet her again as many times as you want without even asking the club.

First Date at Universe Club

My first date through Universe Club came with a chick from the “standard class.” The standard class is the lowest of four classes that the club puts chicks into. The higher classes cost more money to date. There are some model level chicks in the upper classes but the standard class is filled with lots of hot chicks too. The one I dated had a great body with a nice round ass and big firm boobs. Score!

I have been to Tokyo a few times, but my Japanese sucks and I don’t know the city all that well. I can always find a place to eat, but I don’t know much about booking reservations at restaurants. The cool thing for me was that Universe Club took care of that for me. They just told me where to show up and when. Even I can do that.

The club booked me at a nice barbecue place in Ikebukuro. I showed up a little early. Around five minutes before the date time I took the elevator upstairs. As soon as I got there I received a text message. It was my date. She said she just saw me get into the elevator. I don’t know why she didn’t just come over to me, but I guess it doesn’t matter.

Meeting my standard class chick

Anyway, she came into the restaurant and found me. She was wearing really regular clothes. She had on a pair of lose jeans and a lose shirt. If I hadn’t seen her pictures and videos on the website I would have no idea that she had a rocking body. She looked totally average, which is a little weird since most Japanese chicks her age dress to kill.

Thankfully, she spoke good English. The site said she was decent at English, but we had no problems talking at all. She was really funny and cheerful. At just 21 years old I guess that’s normal. It was enough to shake me out of my standard bitterness for a while and we had a great meal.

After we ate I asked her if she wanted to have coffee. She said yea and we went downstairs to a little cafe. I knew from the website that she was pretty willing to have sex with her dates, so I just asked straight out. “Do you want to go to a love hotel?” She said “sure,” and off we went. I guess we didn’t even need to stop for coffee. Ikebukuro has a lot of love hotels. Some of them are super nice. We went to Hotel Ailu.

Going out with a bang

The room was great with a big bed, huge bathroom with shower and tub, and a huge television complete with Japanese porn. It didn’t take long for us to get comfortable. We ended up showering together before moving into the bed to get it on. Without getting too graphic I can say that it was pretty good. She didn’t knock my socks off but her body looked and felt even better than I imagined from her online profile.

She was in no hurry to leave. She actually fell asleep in my arms until we got a call from reception telling us that we risked overstaying in our room. I didn’t want to spend more money so we got dressed and I walked her back to the train.

a love hotel in tokyo

She never even asked for money. She said she forgot when I brought it up, but I think she was just being a polite Japanese girl. I ended up giving her 30000 Yen, which is just over $200 American. I felt totally satisfied and decided then and there that I would try the club again.

I wouldn’t use this kind of club in Thailand or the Philippines where it is so easy to date and have sex with chicks, but Japan is a different animal. I have no qualms using the club there, just as I would in South Korea. Unfortunately there is no such club there that I know of, but I will keep looking. Inexpensive sites dating sites can work, but they require a lot of effort. Universe Club does all of the heavy lifting for you.

The chick I met kept contacting me and asking me to date again. I wanted to do her another time, but with so many fish in the sea I wanted to get my worm wet with someone else. I ended up setting up a date with another woman from the club, but I’ll have to tell you about that later.

My second compensated date

My date with a standard class chick at Universe Club went so well that I decided to see what else was available. So I manned up and paid a little more money to move up a notch into the Gold Class. As it turns out, the extra expense was more than worth it!

After joining the Gold Class I went to work. There are so many chicks in the gold class in Tokyo that it would takes hours to go through them all. After doing a bit of browsing, I decided to use the Universe Club website‘s built in tools to narrow down the selections.

First I cut out the chicks who were more than twenty five years old. That still left a lot of women. So then I removed smokers and women who weren’t at least somewhat wiling to sleep with guys for money. That left with me a more manageable pool of chicks to sort through. There were still a lot, but it was a lot more reasonable trying to find a hot date in a big stack than a massive mountain.

Picking out a Japanese date

I found a lot of chicks to my liking, but I knew I had to make a choice. With limited time in Tokyo I wanted to make sure that I utilized every minute. Finally I came up with a list of three women that I would have been more than happy to meet with. I sent their member numbers over to Universe Club along with my schedule and then played the waiting game.

It turned out that I didn’t have to wait long at all. Universe Club quickly wrote back to tell me that one of my choices was available that week. I didn’t hesitate to confirm the date and pay the setting fee.

Dating a gorgeous Japanese actress

Upon my request, Universe Club set me up on a date at a British Pub style restaurant that served western food. I had enough Japanese food after two weeks in country so I was looking forward to something a little more recognizable. Using Google maps it was easy to find the place, but in my stupidity I missed the restaurant. I stopped a cute chick on the street and showed her the name of the restaurant on my phone. With a look of disbelief, she pointed to the place which was almost directly in front of me. Whoops!

I walked inside. My date showed up soon after. At first I didn’t know it was her. I saw one of the hottest chicks ever walk in and I quickly took notice. It wasn’t until a few seconds later that I realized that she was looking and smiling at me. Universe Club didn’t have my picture to pass on her, but I guess she realized that I was the only foreigner in the place.

british style pub in tokyo

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. This chick was smoking. She was wearing a cute, almost gothic type of black dress with white lace. She had a matching shirt and buckled high heels to go with it. She looked like she stepped out of an Asian-made fantasy film. I was really glad I paid the extra money to step into her class.

My date was a twenty year old from Tokyo with short black hair and a firm, killer body. She was one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen in Tokyo, which is really saying something. It turned out that she was actually an actress with a recurring role on a small television show. She looked way better than her pictures, and she never stopped smiling. She had big bright eyes that just brought me in. I was mesmerized.

No English, no problem!

Unfortunately, my date didn’t speak more than a few words of English. Fortunately, the geniuses at Google saved me again. Using Google translate on our phones, we were able to communicate without trouble. We had a great meal with some beers and a lot of laughs. After we ate I asked her to walk around with me. At this point it seemed like a regular date. We held hands in the rain and went over to a bakery where we shared some freshly made pastries. During the first awkward silence, I asked her if she liked me with my broken Japanese. She said she did. So then I asked her where we would go next. She said she didn’t know, and that was my opening to ask if she wanted to go to a love hotel.

She seemed up for going to a hotel with me, but she said she had to get on the last train so she could get to work in the morning. I told her I would make sure she was at the train on time. If she missed the train, I told her I would pay for her taxi. Deep down I knew I wouldn’t last long with this chick. She was just too hot.

We walked to a nearby love hotel and got a room. When we entered it, she reached down to help me take my shoes off. She was great. In the room she seemed a little nervous but she continued to smile. I asked her what was wrong and she said I was her first foreigner. No problems there! Realizing that we were short on time I leaned forward and kissed her. From there all sorts of fun broke lose.

The hole was the goal

Before long I had her down to her matching lingerie which was very sexy. Most Japanese chicks wear nice sexy lingerie every day of the week. The sweat pants set from back home could take note, but of course they don’t because in the sexual wastelands there are always guys desperate enough to fuck chicks no matter what they look like. Anyway, overweight chicks who spend no time on their looks were the furthest thing from my mind when I got my date down to her skivvies. Making love was the first thing on my mind seconds later when I removed those and got her down to her birthday suit.

Her body was simply flawless. Not an ounce of fat on it. It was perfectly fit and firm without being hard. She had perky boobs with pink nipples and just a small patch of natural black hair above her love tunnel. I was in heaven. I made love to her in every position possible. I went slow so she wouldn’t be in pain, but also so I wouldn’t shoot my load early. I have great control and stamina at this point in my life but with this chick it was hard to hold off.

any hole is a goal

We did the deed without ever showering. It was just raw passion. Afterwards we rested a little before I noticed that it was almost time for the last train. We got dressed and power walked down the street to get back to the station. We arrived with about two minutes to spare and I said goodbye. Demurely, she reminded me that she was looking forward to a little “spending money” when meeting me. I have to admit that this was a bit deflating at first. It brought me back to the real world though. I knew was I was getting into from the beginning so I wasn’t that put off.

My date never asked for a particular amount, so I just discreetly handed her a folded up set of notes totalling 20,000 Yen. That’s about $180 American, or about twice what it costs to do a short time with a Bangkok go go dancer in Nana Plaza. Not bad considering.

When she got on the train she sent me a message saying thanks and asking to meet again. While I didn’t repeat with the first chick I met through the club, I did end up repeating with this chick later. It was even better than the first time, but it left me wondering what the women in the classes even higher were like.

My third date in Tokyo

It’s still pretty easy for me to pick up chicks for dating or even one night stands in a lot of the world. Especially in Asia. I used to have more luck in Japan. I don’t know if I don’t try as hard anymore or what, but lately it’s been more difficult to score in Tokyo than it was a few years ago. It’s no big loss though. I can still screw chicks in most of Asia with almost no effort. Anyway I am more into pay for play now anyway, because it lets me get what I want, when I want, with no drama. Finally, at least in Japan, there is foreigner friendly compensated dating available through Universe Club, and I put my membership there to good use.

The chicks at Universe Club are grouped into different classes. I guess this has something to do with their stature. The top classes have more models and actresses. There are more regular girls in the lower classes. I found really good looking chicks in every class, but I still wanted to try to the higher classes to see what the extra fuss was about. All of the women go through some kind of introduction phase when they are vetted by the staff who interview them and take their pictures and videos. They get to know the girls, so they probably have good reasons for putting them in different classes.

After the great success of my previous dates with Standard Class and Gold Class in the last few of months, I decided to try out a date with a chick from the Platinum Class. It took me quite a while to pick a chick out. There were so many good looking women that I just didn’t know what to do. At the end I had it narrowed down to three chicks including one older MILF who was super attractive for some reason. After almost a whole day of going through the profiles, I ended up picking a chick in her twenties like I usually do.

Platinum class date

My Platinum Class date was arranged faster than other I ever set up. I put in for the date at night and the sitting was set the next day! I was surprised to get a response that fast but it was fine for me. I never spend more than a few weeks in Japan on any one trip, and I like to maximize my time on the ground.

The date was set at an Italian restaurant. The place was really easy to find. It was only about a two minute walk from a major station. No problems there. Of course the staff spoke absolutely no English at all, but that’s pretty much what I expect. It didn’t matter anyway. They were able to figure out that I had a reservation and since mine was the only gaijin name on the list everything went pretty smoothly.


My date showed up a few minutes late. That is not what I expect in Japan where punctuality is highly valued. But it was no big deal. Two minutes with a lot of apologies and a good excuse about a train delay sure beats a one to two hour wait in Manila with no explanation at all.

My date was tall and thin with long curly hair. She was dressed in a nice dress. You don’t see those back home much anymore. She was also really sweet and polite. I can’t say that she was any better looking than the chicks I met from the lower classes, but she was still good looking. The only thing I didn’t like about her was that her teeth were kind of yellow. It’s weird but you see some chicks in Japan with obviously spend a ton of time on their looks who have discolored teeth. I don’t expect anyone to have those fake bleached teeth that the Hollywood airheads rock, but I would prefer that a girl’s teeth be some shade of white. Anyway, it wasn’t a deal breaker. The rest of her looked good and matched her pictures, so I was in for the whole thing.

Dating a Japanese model

Apparently, my date was some kind of promotional model. I don’t know what that means. Either she works at trade shows, does advertisements in magazines, or hands out advertisements on the sidewalk. At the end of the day, I didn’t really care. Her English was good enough to hold a conversation, but not so good that I wanted to go down the rabbit hole of figuring out what exactly she does for a living. Whatever it is, the pay must be lacking. Why else would she be hanging out with a guy like me?

The restaurant was really good. They had authentic Italian cuisine, and none of the weird stuff you sometimes see in Tokyo like squid ink spaghetti. We had a pretty good conversation too, though at some points it was almost like a Thai bar girl interview: “What your name? Where you come from? What you like?”

We got through the meal and the small talk and I decided to cut straight to the chase. This was no chick I would want to marry or even date regularly, but she was definitely hot enough for a screw. I told directly that I was only in town for a while and had plans in the morning. So, I asked, if she would like to join me at a nearby love hotel. She got kind of serious, then she lowered her voice and said something like “well, that would be okay, but will you give me some money?”

Sealing the deal

Suddenly, the regular promotional model was negotiating like any other working girl. It actually turned me on. I said yes of course. That was enough for her. We never talked about how much I would give her, how long she would stay, or any of the other things mercenary hookers and hardcore hobbyists sometimes bring up before closing a deal. That’s why this is still considered a form of dating.

We had a kind of comical episode while trying to find a love hotel in the rain, but eventually we made it. She selected the room and paid for it (with my money), because I didn’t want to deal with the staff who probably only speak Japanese. The room was really nice, but I didn’t see much of it. As soon as we got in the door I started kissing and touching her, forgetting about her chompers and focusing instead on the feel of her skinny little ass through her thin dress and the silk slip she was wearing below it.

In true romantic style, I dropped my pants and pulled down her panties and stockings with one hand while still making out with her like a mad man. Then I guided her over to the bed and entered her hairy hole. I don’t remember much from there, but I really went at it. Somehow I ended up totally naked, and she had nothing but her panties around one of her legs. It was a great release and totally worth the 40,000 Yen I gave her. That’s around 350 American, which is also what I spent for a quicky with an average chick at a Yoshiwara soapland the day before.

I knew I’d be back for more. Tokyo keeps on calling me back, even though it’s one of the most expensive places in Asia. My Universe Club membership has a lot to do with that.

My final compensated date in Tokyo

Once I started down the long dark road of paying for dates I really got into it. Thus far I have only done it in Tokyo via Universe Club. Like this guy from the Simpsons, I regret nothing.

a pile of japanese yen

I like Southeast Asia a lot, but it can start to wear you down after a while. It’s great that you can hop on a plane from Bangkok to Tokyo for a couple hundred bucks. Of course once you get there it’s a different story. Taxis are expensive, rooms are expensive, and pussy isn’t nearly as easy to score as it is in the Philippines or Thailand. The myth of the Western god in Japan is exactly that.

Why pay for a date?

I get my fair share of matches on Tinder in Tokyo but a lot them either don’t send messages or can’t speak English. The ones who can speak English are usually work slaves who tell me they might be able to meet on a Sunday two weeks from now. When I have had success, the women wanted to know if I was a tourist. Most of them want to meet guys living in Japan. I had a bit more success meeting chicks through online dating sites, but most of those chicks were looking for serious relationships in the end.

That’s why compensated dating is so good in Japan. Local guys use it for their own reasons. For the western visitor the benefits are obvious. These benefits weren’t available for years though since the various clubs, agencies and websites were all Japanese only. That changed when Universe Club came along. They welcome gaijin with open arms. They even have an English website and fluent English speakers working for them that make it all as easy as pie.

It’s not for cheap charlies

You get what you pay for. At Universe Club that means you can pick out a chick, look at pics and videos of her, get all of her details, find out how willing she is to bang, and then have the club set up a date for you. All you have to do is show up.

There are four different classes of chicks at Universe Club. I have no real idea how they decide who belongs in what class, but it definitely seems like there are more models and actresses in the higher classes. You might think it’s crazy that you can date a model or actress, but it’s true. They aren’t supermodels but they are very hot. There are so many women doing modeling in Japan from glamour right up to Japanese AV.

Going for sushi

I had really good experiences dating (and banging) girls from the Standard, Gold, and Platinum classes in the past that I decided to pony up the cash and reach for the stars. Within a day, I had a date set with a Japanese 10 from the Black Class in an expensive sushi place on the top of some sky scraper.

Finding the place was actually a huge pain in the ass. The address was right but the building was huge. It had so many things inside that I had no clue where to go. The address didn’t mention anything about the floor. Finally, I found some security guard and showed him the address. He pointed me to an elevator and inside I made out the sign for the sushi place with my limited Japanese.

sushi bar in shibuya

I like many things about Japan from the soaplands to the sex toys, but I am not a fan of sushi. I am sorry but it’s just not my thing. Plus I don’t want to get my asshole eaten out by herring worms.

Supposedly, the really expensive stuff is a delicacy that puts the phony “California rolls” sold in the US to shame. That wasn’t my experience. I had to grin and bear five courses of raw fish and squid. One was more disgusting than the next. But guess what? I didn’t care.

A Black Class babe

The chick I picked from Universe Club was so hot I probably would’ve sucked down fish shit to sit next to her. She had a perfect body, perfect skin, and big perky knockers that were protruding through her shirt even though she was dressed head to toe in classy, expensive clothing from Prada. She was an absolute babe, stunning in every way.

Her English wasn’t that great. That’s normal in Japan, but talking with her was actually a struggle. The other chicks I dated from Universe Club before were at least able to hold a conversation. Again, I didn’t care. Call me a sucker but I was mesmerized. I sat there nodding along and sneaking peaks at her big boobs while watching her order glass after glass of expensive wine.

Towards the end of the meal, I asked her where she would go next. She said that she had things to do in the morning, so she would just go home. She didn’t ask or offer to exchange contact information either. I took that as a no on the question of having sex after the date, even though I never actually came out and asked. Japanese people are pretty subtle and they don’t like to say no outright, so I was probably safe in my assumption. Needless to say, I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to eat her sushi, but what could I do?

I paid the bill which was so high that it suddenly made me wish I was back in Southeast Asia. Then I slipped her 11000 Yen, which is around $100 US dollars. That’s the compensated part of the dating. I just wish it came with her tail instead of the Tuna tail I had to eat. I didn’t even get a hug!

Luckily there are lots more fish in the sea. I just got an email that Universe Club added 447 new chicks in Tokyo. That’s one a day for over a year! I will definitely hit them up the next time I’m doing a run to Japan. So far I’m hitting 3 out of 4. That’s not bad at all.

How to get a free date at Universe Club

If you have read this far then you already know about Universe Club. In short, they hook horny guys up with hot chicks in Japan for a fee. What happens after that is up to the people involved. In my case it usually means a visit to the bedroom!

In a place like Japan where few people speak English and interactions between people in public are quick and formal, this kind of compensated dating plays a major role in getting people together. It is easier for a businessman to set up a date with a cutie by spending a little cash and a few minutes on a website than trolling around bars hoping he’ll get lucky enough to have some average looking chick smile back at him. I am no businessman but I utilize the compensated dating option too.

Reward points for dating

Universe Club isn’t cheap. I guess it costs a lot to run the thing. They have to pay staff, run their databases and everything else. They send staff out to meet every new female member to interview her and take pictures and video. Plus they probably want to keep out the riff raff. Compensated dating and the sugar daddy thing is mostly for guys who have an adequate supply of money anyway. Broke bros usually stick to the pink salons.

The cool thing is that Universe Club gives away points to new members. What does that mean? It’s like a reward program. You know how credit cards sometimes give you 50,000 airline miles for signing up? Well, Universe Club gives all new male members credit equal to the amount they pay for their membership to be used on dates.

The points thing is pretty common in Japan. One of the pink salons I used to go to even used to give out a point card. After you got ten blowjobs you got a free blowie on the house! Like they say, the customer is king in Japan.

The new membership campaign is pretty simple. When I signed up for a Standard membership for 30,000 Yen, they gave me 20,000 Yen credit to use in the future. When I signed up for a Gold membership at 50,000 Yen, I got 30,000 Yen credit to use in the future. And so on.

You have to pay every time you make a date through Universe Club. The amount depends on the kind of chick you want to date. So, it costs more to have the club arrange a date for you with a Gold chick than a Standard lady.

With this deal, new members basically end up getting the cost for arranging their first date waved. By paying for a membership they get a sitting thrown in for nothing. That sounds good to me! I used it and it was great. Compensated dating is a nice option. It’s even better when it is actually free.

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