Foreigner friendly soaplands in Japan

Foreigner friendly soaplands in Japan are like a holy grail for horny gaijin. The world famous nuru nuru massage complete will all over licking and full service is like the pinnacle of sexual service. They say “the customer is God” in Japan. In the sexual soaplands, that is truly evident!

Soaplands are the best of the best when it comes to prostitution in Japan. That’s no small feat. The land of the rising sun is known for being a kinky place. One look at Japanese porn or even just Japanese sex toys will tell you that. That’s if you even need telling. Japan is already world famous as a center of sex of all sorts.

But most sexual places in Japan won’t accept foreigners. That’s allowed a whole smaller section of the industry to flourish. Alongside a small number of foreign friendly businesses there are quite a few escorts who cater to foreigners in cities like Tokyo. And most of them can be found on Smooci which is like a sort of Uber of escorts.

Foreigner friendly soaplands aren’t nearly as hard to find as they used to be. There was a time when you would get rejected from nearly every soapland if you weren’t Japanese. A lot of shops might still turn you away. But nowadays quite a few will let you in as long as you look alright. And there’s even one soapland set up completely and totally for foreign guys!

Gaijin friendly soaplands in Japan

Gaijin is the not-so-friendly Japanese terms for foreigners. There are other words like gaikokojin and such that are supposed to be more polite. But Japan is not really a politically correct society, so gaijin it is. That’s what you hear the most anyway.

Yoshiwara is the most famous soapland area in all of Japan. Apparently prostitution goes way back there. Centuries ago there were women selling pussy in Yoshiwara. And the same goes on today. The district is a little far from the train station, but it is in walking distance. And if you go to a soapland there, they usually drive you back to the train station after you are finished.

Japanese soapland service

Usually there is at least one or two women in each soapland who will take a foreigner. Ultimately it is up to them. The managers also have something to do with it. But they’ll let you know right at the door whether or not you are okay to enter. If you are, they’ll show you the chicks available to you inside.

Some Yoshiwara soaplands known to accept foreigners are:

There are soaplands in other parts of the country too. But these are the most famous. Plus soaplands in a lot of other places like Ikebukuro are really old school. They absolutely don’t want anything to do with non-Japanese guys.

There are a lot of soaplands in Fukuoka especially. Until recently, they were all opposed to foreigners. But something seems to have changed. Now at least a few of them will let foreign guys in, at least under certain conditions. So it’s worth taking a look.

A soapland for foreigners

Probably because they sensed a market need, some people actually opened a soapland specifically for foreigners a couple of years ago. That is Paradise soapland in Kawasaki. If you aren’t familiar with Japan’s layout, you might know the name Kawasaki from the vehicle company. Well the city of Kawasaki is just right outside of Tokyo. If you’re in Tokyo you can get there in a few minutes by train or taxi. And Paradise is very easy to find once you do.

Paradise is so set up for foreigners that the guys inside are native English speakers. They explain everything when you walk in. Then they take you back to a row of private booths. You wait there until they bring chicks by for you to check out. You select your chick and you’re off to the races. The prices start at $180 for a 20 minute quicky. But if you want real soapland service, you probably have to do at least 60 minutes. That costs $270 US dollars or 30,000 Yen.

I won’t go too far into detail when talking about this place. If you want to know more you can read my overview of Paradise soapland from a couple of years back. The only thing that seems to have changed since I wrote that is Paradise is now a little more popular. And there are more chicks working there now than there used to be.

They’ve also opened a second branch. That’s the Yoshiwara Paradise which is listed above with the other Yoshiwara soaplands. All of the places on that list are known to accept foreigners. But Paradise is the only one totally set up for non-Japanese guys. Some of the chicks who work there might not speak anything but Japanese. But the other staff, signs and even the website is all in English.

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