5 Types of Wild Fetish Fun You Can Have on Adult Cam Sites

Whether you’re a battle-hardened porn veteran who has completed every last genre of smut known to humanity or someone still finding their feet in the wild world of adult entertainment, you’ve likely heard of or used an adult webcam platform.

In contrast to porn, which is a shitload of fun to watch but lacks that level of interactivity that allows you to connect with the drop-dead gorgeous slut on screen, talk dirty with her, and even make her cum via interactive sex toys, sex cam sites are seeing a surge in users eager to take advantage of the features mentioned above that can be played out on an array of sexually-liberated girls, guys, couples, and transsexuals from around the world.

However, there’s a common misconception amongst people who have never used adult cam platforms. For many of these folks, the idea of a cam site is just a bunch of chicks masturbating live while guys watch, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

You see, cam sites not only offer a wildly interactive sex experience that allows you to do everything from ask girls to carry out sexual requests in real-time to make them cum via remote-controlled sex toys, but they’re also a hotbed of kinky fetishes being played out in some of the wildest ways imaginable.

I’ve spent many horny hours embedded amongst some of the world’s most popular cam sites, such as PDCams, and have learned much about the kind of kinks and fetishes that make cam models and their users cum as hard as possible. Today, I will introduce you to some of the wildest ones to be found!

Bound Fucking Machine Fun

PD Cams with lady in lingerie

First, it’s time to meet a notorious modern sex toy that almost every dedicated cam girl has in her arsenal; the trusty fucking machine! Many of these chicks have no problem finding willing guys eager to fuck them live on cam, but a quality fucking machine often offers a lot more than your average hung male can.

For example, most of them are fully interactive, meaning the audience is granted the unique chance to send the fucking machine full force into the pussy, ass, or mouth of their chosen cam girl, often with some incredibly messy orgasms as a result.

So, where’s the fetish fun? Well, many cam girls using interactive sex machines love to incorporate some BDSM into their performances, and you can often find submissive sluts bound and ball-gagged while their asshole gets a brutal fucking at the hands of their viewers. Or, if the cam girl has misplaced her ball gag, she might drop to her knees and put the dildo attached to the machine in her mouth before begging her fans to fuck her throat until her makeup is truly ruined.

The question is, which one will you opt for?

Strap-on Sex

Sure, watching a girl get her pussy or ass rearranged by an intensely powerful fucking machine is a lot of fun. Still, many people prefer to see the tables turned in some of the kinkiest ways possible via the introduction of the trusty strap-on sex toy!

Across live sex sites, it’s not hard to find strap-on dick loving girls and guys showing how these toys can be used to maximum effect. Whether you want to see a submissive guy made to scream like a whore as a busty German Dominatrix abuses his hole or watch a lesbian couple gape each other’s pussies open, you won’t be bored exploring the wild array of live strapon sex offered by an adult webcam platform!

Jerk Off Instructions

PD Cams models

A lot of people overlook the world of JOI (jerk off instructions) content based on, ‘’I don’t need to be told how to beat my meat!’’ However, there’s a lot of sexual satisfaction to be had at the instructions of an experienced JOI cam girl.

These sadistic sluts adore teasing a man’s cock, and their interactive JOI challenges performed on live sex cam sites have a steady flow of horny guys flocking to them to see if they can complete them before their balls give way, and they have to admit defeat.

Be warned because these girls know their way around a cock, and their mission is to make you blow your load in some of the most humiliating ways possible. Will you be able to withstand the urge to cum? Or will you please your live sex cam Mistress and make it to the end of her jerk-off instructions?

Living Out Your Kinkiest Cosplaying Fantasies

Countless people come to live sex cam sites to live out their naughtiest sex fantasies in real time. This means cosplaying often plays a significant role, whether it’s the classic cop or 18+ schoolgirl outfit or one of their favorite Hentai characters.

Many cam girls have a hearty collection of erotic outfits on hand to help your naughtiest ideas come to life, and they often know exactly how to perform in them to create a live roleplaying sex experience you’ll never forget!

Exhibitionist Fun

PDCams logo

Some cam girls play it safely and perform from their own bedroom or a dedicated cam sex studio. However, there’s an increasing number of kinky women with a fetish for exhibitionism who perform some truly audacious live sex shows in the public realm.

Both for the cam girl and her followers, the adrenaline-fueled thrill of potentially being caught in the act makes both parties cum as hard as possible, and it’s a live sex experience that is not to be missed!

There are Countless Fetishes in the World, and Many of Them Can Be Found on Adult Cam Sites!

Anywhere that attracts sexually-liberated adults often sees a range of fetishes flourish, and live sex cam websites are no exception.

From cosplaying to exhibitionist kinks, this list has covered some of the most common fetishes found on adult cam platforms, but it’s merely the tip of the iceberg.

To discover the entire array of fetishes to be found, from live Asian cams to interactive swinging couples, head over to any well-run live cams site and see for yourself!

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