The hottest white chick I’ve ever screwed

I have had sex with well over a thousand women at this point in my life. If you count all the women who have sucked my dick but not had the pleasure of riding it, then the number is at least double that. Throw in hand jobs and we are approaching Wilt Chamberlain territory. Of course I paid some of these chicks, but certainly not all. So my basis of experience is well established even if the establishment would rather not have people like me floating around.

I am from America. I packed up and left that place when I was 19. I have living a life of constant travel and sex ever since. I’ve banged tons of chicks while out here on the road. It’s my main activity outside of travel and masturbation. But I also did a lot of chicks before I left America. And I’ve done a few on visits back home too. Recently I even bagged a beautiful college chick in Minnesota and it didn’t even cost me anything!

Asian chicks only?

Some people seem to think I am obsessed with Asian women. Or as they so crudely put it, they say I have “yellow fever.” The joke is on them because I am vaccinated. I also treat all people equally regardless of race or nationality. You know, just like my homeland used to claim to do.

beautiful women meme

Sure I have had sex with tons of Asian women. But they weren’t all sexy. Some were average, chubby, or even approaching elderly status. What can i say? My dick doesn’t discriminate. It just delivers hard shots and plenty of hot jizz.

I don’t necessarily relegate myself to local choices either. I have done Russians in Asia and Africans in Bangkok. Once I even had sex with a Slovak in Cambodia! How’s that for variety?

I like what I like

Still, I do tend to focus on the women who attract me most. That mainly means nice natural chicks with good manners and nice natural bodies. I tend to find the most women like that in Asia these days. Especially since Latin America is poisoned by sick American culture. But it doesn’t mean I never find them anywhere else.

Europe still has lots of hot chicks. The obesity epidemic is creeping into Euro land too, but it doesn’t seem nearly as severe to my eye. The statistics seem to back me up here. For example the women of Denmark have some of the biggest boobs on average. But the average body mass index there is not at overweight status there like it is in some other top titty size lands.

The beauty of Europe is that prostitution is still mostly legal and cheap. I can get porn star quality pussy for about 50 bucks in Germany. And I mean real porn star quality from the Terra Patrick days too. Not now where every woman with a smart phone has an Only Fans.

FKKs are A-OK!

I love the FKK sex saunas in Germany in particular. They are mainly filled with Romanian women. Some people look down on Romanians for whatever reason. I am not one of those people. Like I said, I treat people equally. I also like chicks with nice bodies who are easy to fuck. So Romanian hookers are right up my alley!

I have had some very memorable experiences in German FKK clubs. Once a guy watched me get a blowjob. Another time I fucked the hottest white chick of my life. She wasn’t the hottest chick I ever fucked overall. But she was right up there in the top five for sure.

The hottest white chick I ever boned was a drop dead gorgeous 20 year old from Spain. A beautiful face, slightly curly blonde hair, perfectly shaped legs, a full ass, and nice round titties. I was at FKK Mainhattan in Frankfurt. I showed up pretty early in the day and there weren’t many people around. After I changed into my robe, I walked into the main area around the bar. That’s when I saw her. A blonde bombshell who looked like Ukrainian porn star Lika Star with an even better body.

It was lingerie day so the chicks were all wearing sexy bras and panties. The chick getting my attention had one a pinky frilly number that just accentuated her curves and made my balls swell with anticipation. I guess this smoking hot babe saw me pick my jaw up off the floor, because she got up and walked right at me. An older very average woman who was apparently sitting right next to her was walking towards me too. I barely noticed the second one until they reached my seat and started talking.

Viva España!

Europe is a melting pot of countries. Since the EU was formed you can find people from various countries all over the place. This particular chick told me she was Spanish. She barely spoke English. Luckily I’m good with languages. So I was able to communicate with her. Though I mainly had to communicate with the chick who was with her. I don’t know if this bitch was her mom or what, but she was right up front and pretty demanding.

Normally in an FKK someone suggests sex and then you agree to pay the going price. I was only denied sex once in an FKK. That was from a Moldovan beauty who insisted I take her friend too. I refused and she said no. I vowed this would never happen to me again. I am not a sucker but I don’t want to risk losing a top 20 fuck over 50 bucks. So the next time an incredibly hot Russian in an FKK insisted her “sister” join I said okay. I paid the sister to hold my nuts while I did the hotter one. It was a great deal.

This time the second chick was older, uglier, and a smoker. A triple no for me. But man the 20 year old was honestly the hottest white chick I have ever seen in the flesh before or since. So I had to do it. I told them to let me think about it. Then I went to get a free drink from the bar. I took one sip and put the drink down. Then I walked backed over to the team and said, “okay let’s go!”

It turned out to be a decent deal. I had the old chick keep her lingerie on. I told her it was sexy. Then she became a kind of coach in the room. She sucked me off while I slobbered all over the 20 year old’s beautiful full rack, which by the way was all natural.

This chick had the most beautiful face and best body I had ever seen west of Myanmar. I was absolutely enamored. I think I even told her I loved her and wanted to get married some time during the thirty minute fuck fest. I did this beauty in every position imaginable and saved visions of her from every angle into my spank bank for future use. The old chick basically melted into the background while I did the beauty as long as I could before my nuts decided to upchuck a load of cock snot into the rubber.

After showering I saw the chick around the club a few more times. The place started to fill up with more guys, but no more ladies came in. I decided to bail before it became a total sausage fest like I’ve seen over at FKK Oase. I came back three times that week trying to find my Spanish sweetie again. I never saw her. On the last day I asked the front desk lady about my new favorite. She told me that she left. I never got her number or even her name. So sadly, that was that.

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