Hostess Bars in Phnom Penh

A few weeks ago I told you about the hostess bars in Ho Chi Minh City. The hostess bars of Phnom Penh are pretty similar. One reason might be that some of the first hostess bars were

The 3 Best Blowjob Bars in Pattaya

Yesterday I gave you my list of the top 3 blowjob bars in Bangkok. Today I’ll do the same by giving you my list of the three best blowjob bars in Pattaya. I’ve already given a full

The 3 Best Blowjob Bars in Bangkok

I’ve told you about the blowjob bars in Bangkok but I didn’t really rank them or give any kind of ratings. Now I’ll fill the void by giving you my personal list of the top 3 blowjob

Blowjob bars in Pattaya

I’ve already told you about the blowjob bars in Bangkok. Now I’ll turn to Pattaya, the only city in Thailand that has even more “hands free bars” than the capital. Lolita’s on Soi Chaiyapoon is probably the

The five best sex saunas in Macau

I’ve already explained Macau’s sex saunas in full detail. Now I’m going to tell you about the five best sex saunas in Macau. Let it be known that I’ve never really had a bad experience in any

The easiest places in the world to have a threesome

The threesome is the quintessential male fantasy. Depending on who you’re with organizing a threesome can be difficult or even impossible. The one surefire way to get a threesome is simply to pay for it. That’s an

Sex saunas in Macau

Macau is famous for its casinos but it’s also filled with fully legal large saunas where guys go to buy sex with women from all over the world. Why these sex saunas in Macau aren’t talked about

Review of Dr BJ’s Salon in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr BJ’s Salon is one of the most well known blowjob bars for foreigners in Thailand. I think that’s because they are good at promoting themselves online. They are the only bj bar I know of in