Singapore’s legal brothels in Geylang

Like Hong Kong with it’s one-for-one brothels, Singapore is a country that is rational enough to legalize and regulate the sex trade. The result is a huge swath of a district in the city state called Geylang

Walk up brothels in Hong Kong

While democracy protests have made the news lately Hong Kong is actually one of the freest parts of the world in some regards. For instance prostitution is legal in the Special Administrative Region, which makes it “freer”

Review of the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur

The Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur looks like a regular bar from the inside. Once you’re inside you realize it’s filled with freelance hookers from Vietnam, China, the Philippines and even some CIS countries. The Beach Club

Pink salons in Tokyo Japan

Pink salons are the Japanese version of blowjob bars. The best thing about them is that they are totally legal and regulated. The were created to get around a law prohibiting women from selling vaginal intercourse but

Review of Magic Table in Bangkok, Thailand

Magic Table is a kind of a hybrid between a blowjob bar and a go go bar in Bangkok. It’s located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 near Dr BJ’s Salon and the Eden Club. From what I hear

Blowjob bars in Bangkok

Blowjob bars are exactly what they sound like: bars where you go to get a blowjob. Bangkok Thailand is home to many of these great businesses. I don’t know exactly how blowjob bars got started in Bangkok.

I took Viagra and all I got was a bloody nose

I had heard all the stories about Viagra. Three hour erections, the ability to go all night long, a hard on that just wouldn’t quit. So I tried it. What I got for my troubles was pain

Beer bars in Thailand

I’ve already told you what goes on at and oily massage parlors and soapy massage parlors in Thailand. Now it’s time to tell you about another staple of the nightlife scene in the Land of Smiles: beer