Happy ending massage in Japan

Body rubs are great but they’re even better when they end with a hand job that leaves you fully relieved and relaxed. The best thing about happy ending massage in Japan is that it’s widespread and legal.

Sex clubs in Jakarta

Prostitution is supposedly illegal in Indonesia but the city of Jakarta contains numerous large clubs that rival the sex saunas of Macau in terms of size and services available. These places are right out in the open,

Blowjob barber shops in Ho Chi Minh City

I’ve already told you about blowjob bars in Bangkok, blowjob bars in Pattaya and pink salons in Tokyo. I haven’t yet told you about blowjob barber shops in Ho Chi Minh City. And they’re just as plentiful

Happy ending massage in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, isn’t a famous nightlife location, especially for foreigners. There are places like hostess bars around but not a lot else. For lonely foreign men in Ho Chi Minh City

Where to find casual sex online in Tokyo

In some respects Japan is a pretty progressive country. Marriage rates have declined so much that the government has stepped in to coerce the public into getting hitched and cranking out kids. At the same time casual

The five best oily massage parlors in Bangkok

When I first started the site I wrote about oily massage parlors in Bangkok and explained how they operated. That post was good but it didn’t give much detail on where to find oily massage parlors. These

Where to find Russian prostitutes in Asia

Why would a guy want to know where to find Russian prostitutes in Asia? A lot of guys love Russian women. After the USSR collapsed their dreams became reality as more desperate women started offering sex for

Go go bars in Angeles City

Pattaya, Thailand has one of the most famous concentrations of go go bars in the world but Angeles City in the Philippines is another small town known for its go go bars and related businesses. Don’t get