Review of Daisy Dream in Bangkok

Daisy Dream is an upscale nuru massage parlor in Bangkok. Although the place is pretty posh it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to visit. So it offers a lot of value. Every time I go to Daisy Dream I get a great erotic massage for a totally fair price. So I just keep on going back.

There are tons of options for a full service massage in Bangkok nowadays. There are all kinds of varieties too. Cheap handjob joints, soapy massage, oily massage, PSE massage and kinky massage are just a few styles you can find. I like them all. But there’s really nothing like a well done nuru massage. It is just so intimate and passionate. Plus it brings pleasure to your entire body rather than just a few key zones.

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Nuru gel is highly underrated. At least when it is the real stuff. Properly applied, nuru massage can make a full body massage feel absolutely heavenly. No wonder it has spread from Japan to the entire world. The Japanese are masters of the erotic arts.

My favorite thing about nuru gel is how it makes everything warm and wet. Once your body gets intertwined with a slip sliding sexy chick you enter the realm of pure ecstasy. In the heat of the nuru massage action I can’t even tell that I’m wearing a jimmy hat! So I get the piece of mind of safety with the enjoyment of skin to skin contact. That’s really hard to beat.

The nicest erotic massage parlor in Bangkok?

Daisy Dream is like the Chateau Frontenac of Bangkok massage parlors. Seriously. You’ve never seen a happy ending place designed so well. You go there looking for an erotic massage but leave feeling like you walked out of the latest issue of Architectural Digest. Just take a look at the Daisy Dream website for an idea of what I am talking about. Have you ever seen anything like it?

I mean most of the massage parlors in Bangkok (and Southeast Asia) in general are passable at best. Your typical jack shack is nothing more than four walls and a mat on the ground. You’re lucky if they even change the sheet between customers. Daisy Dream is like a whole other planet compared to those dumps.

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Right off the bat you can tell this place is different. You go through a set of majestic doors and enter what feels like a high class Chinese bordello. The place is super stylish with all kinds of great Asiatic decor. The rooms are great too. There are all kinds of cool features like light up tubs and music systems. Plus it’s all kept totally spotless.

What about the women? Well, they’re pretty damn good. No lazy looking women in blue jeans here. Just hot Thai women in sexy outfits that are tailor made for the environment. Every time I go to Daisy Dream I have trouble narrowing down my selection to just one chick. So then I end up coming back later to try another. There are a lot of great bodies and nice firm boobs here. And that is exactly what you want in a nuru massage place. Anytime I’m in the mood for an expert nuru massage in Bangkok I head right to Daisy Dream.

Excellent Bangkok nuru massage

It couldn’t be easier than walking into Daisy Dream and going upstairs with one of the hot chicks working there. Sometimes when I plan on spending extended time in Bangkok I try to get a room around Sukhumvit Soi 33 so I can stop into DD for regular treatments. If you’ve ever had a lubed up rack of enhanced hooters soap up your whole body then you will know why. I mean, what can you name that is better than that?

A regular 60-minute long nuru massage at Daisy Dream costs 3000 Baht. I usually pay 5000 Baht for 90 minutes with a VIP room though. Because I love the jacuzzi. There’s just something awesome about being horned up in hot soapy water with a built Thai massage chick. You feel the tension building as your groin rumbles. She moves in closer and you get harder. It’s the perfect build up before getting into the Japanese-style “mat play” on the nuru raft.

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They have these great jacuzzi tubs in the VIP rooms too. They look like they’re carved out of big blocks of granite or ivory. But the inside portion is round and smooth. It feels so good just to soak in there and catch some sex sauna vibes. If you book a couple of chicks like Pink and Alis to take care of you it’s fucking fantastic. This is one of my favorite ways to treat myself after a long hard day of trodding around in the Bangkok heat.

You can even order up a drink and enjoy it while you get your session on. It’s total relaxation with the help of hot Thai chicks. You can get your rocks off while also dropping a load of stress off of your back. I’m glad this is something I can experience.

Daisy Dream is a total package kind of place. What I mean is that it looks good and it is good. They treat you well from beginning to end. You can kick back and get a high level of service without breaking the bank. There is simply nothing like this back home. Luckily I can come to Thailand and enjoy the best Bangkok nuru massage around.

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