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Bangkok has some of the best massage parlors in the world. They’re trustworthy and cost effective. But there are a lot of massage parlors in Bangkok. I had to narrow down the field to find places I actually want to visit again and again. Ola Ola is a Japanese style massage parlor in Bangkok that I have visited repeatedly. Wonder why? It’s a great place with hot chicks and good prices. They also do nuru massage which in my mind is one of the best sensual services available anywhere.

I’ve been traveling the world for years. During my travels I have ventured into all sorts of places. I’ve been in run down shacks and high end saunas. There is a time and a place for everything. But I have to be honest and admit that I prefer the luxurious if I have the choice. Usually that costs a lot more money. But that’s not always the case in Bangkok. Ola Ola is a high class place that charges regular prices. When I compare the prices here to other parts of the world there is absolutely no contest.

ola ola massage chicks

My experiences at Ola Ola have all been great. When I come inside their Soi 22 shop they great me and show me everyone who showed up for work. They have a bunch of hot light skinned chicks here that I love to choose from. No oldies or fatties! And they don’t have any nasty washed up chicks with tattoos either. At Ola Ola I always see nice fresh faces on sexy bodies. These babes are in the 20 to 30 year age range which is exactly what I am looking for. More importantly they all know how to treat a man. That starts with the respectful wai and greeting and finishes when they bid me a found adieu on the way out.

Ola Ola has two services: the nuru massage and the AV massage. For those who don’t know, “AV” stands for adult video. Porn in Japan is known as AV. Since Japan is the main porn producing region in Asia it only makes sense that this phrase spread through the continent. To anyone in Asia, “AV” means porno. So the AV massage is basically a PSE.

sexy thai massage staff at ola ola bangkok

The nuru massage is my favorite. I lay down on a big soft inflatable mat and a chick covers my body in hot oil. Then she covers her own body in hot oil and slides up against me. When it’s done right every inch of my body gets touched. That makes for a feeling that can’t really be replicated anywhere. It takes a real pro to do a good nuru session. I’ve had great sessions here at Ola Ola.

On the other hand I also like the AV massage when I just want to pop in and pop off. The real winner for me is always the two lady massage though. There’s just something about having too really good looking pros focus all their attention on you and your pleasure. Maybe I am selfish but I find this to be one of the best parts about my visits to Bangkok. It makes the trips worth it for me.

thai chicks massage guys for money

Like I said the prices are totally reasonable too. When I compare them to some of the other stuff I see I would actually say this place is down right inexpensive. I mean I can get a 40 minute AV massage for 1900 Baht. That converts to less than $55 in American money. Where am I going to get an AV experience with a 22 year chick for fifty five bucks in this day and age? I’ll tell you where I do get it: Ola Ola.

When it comes to the quarters, Ola Ola keeps everything right. The rooms are laid out like luxury condo suites except that they have tiled out bath areas just like a big soapy massage parlor. Unlike the Bangkok soapies which almost always look worn down with lots of water damage, this place looks brand new. So I don’t feel skeeved out when I lay down on the bed to get to the main event.

So far Ivy is my favorite lady at Ola Ola. Though I have never had a bad experience here. I can’t say that for a lot of the other places I have visited. If you’ve been reading my site since 2014 then you probably know I have been to a lot of places. When I am in Bangkok I always make time to visit Ola Ola and get in a session or two. The hardest part about it is deciding if I want to repeat with a known performer or try out one of the new chicks. It seems like they add a new Thai hottie every time I show up!

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