The three best Gentlemen’s Clubs in Pattaya

With so many options it is sort of tough to narrow down the list to the three best gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. It took some thinking and even more ground work. But I think I have finally done it. I can only assume that other guys who have been to the many Pattaya gentlemen’s clubs will agree. But if you think I’m wrong, let me know.

Yesterday I told you all about the gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. I even included a list of sixteen gentlemen’s clubs in and around the town. That list wasn’t even close to including every gentlemen’s club in Pattaya. But even sixteen places is a lot.

It’s easy to look at things if we take a closer look at exactly what is going on. This list of my three favorite places should work. And even if it doesn’t, it at least helps pass the time and etch my thoughts on the matter into the sandstone of time.


Excite Club is easy to find on Soi Excyte. It’s also closer to the action than most gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. You can walk to the place from LK Metro in a minute or two. It’s not a huge bar, but it has some of the hottest chicks of any gentlemen’s club in the city.

Excite was also started by staff from another gentlemen’s club. And some things have changed since then. But that doesn’t really matter. The simple fact is that this place is a lot of fun. And there are always hot chicks inside.

Excite Club Pattaya

Best of all is the tequila deal. It’s not like the go go bars where “drink girls” or coyotes try to get you to buy over-priced tequila shots for no reason at all. When you buy a tequila for ladies at Excite you can claim “tequila take off” and see some flesh. That makes spending money a lot more rewarding.

It can go further than that in the booths too. All it takes is some Baht. And not a lot of it either. Most of the chicks at Excite are happy with a drink and a thousand Baht. But more money and time spent can lead to an even better time. It’s the kind of place where you’re happy to hang around and spend some time and money.


Pirate’s is definitely the most popular gentlemen’s club on Soi Bongkot 8. And there is a good reason for that. I usually shy away from popular places if they get overcrowded. But Pirate’s is as comfortable and it is welcoming.

Club 4 was the first gentlemen’s club on the street. Back then it was all alone. But then some changes came. The owner of Pirate’s used to be at Club 4. Then she set out on her own and opened her own bar a couple of doors down. It was a good move.

Gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya aren’t always known for having hot chicks. But there are usually a couple of babes in Pirate’s who look pretty good and have nice bodies. There are a couple long timers who definitely don’t fit that bill. But they make up for it with their tremendous skills. When the top of the head is all that’s in view, that can be all that matters.

Plus everyone including the owner is friendly and the atmosphere is nice. A thousand Baht is usually enough to motivate any of the ladies into going to a private room. Even less makes it possible to use one of the booths in the back. But some guys don’t even go that far. They end up getting what they came for right at the bar.

Telephone Bar

The Telephone Bar is the oldest club on this list. It has been around for a long time. It was already there when I started going to Pattaya. Yet there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it or even seen the place. It’s not on Walking Street, Soi 6 or any other tourist haunt. It’s out on a back alley called “Soi Batman.” Even with a map some people can’t find the place. But the trip is worth the effort.

You’ll know when you find the Telephone Bar. The entrance is a red telephone booth. You have to ring a bell to get inside. That’s one way you know it’s good. Another is that it has been around for years. And it has a loyal bunch of customers mostly made up of guys who actually live in Pattaya.

The ladies at the Telephone Bar aren’t nearly as hot as the chicks at Excite. But it is a lot easier to get their tops off! You don’t need any code words or special drinks. If you buy a lady drink for a lady in the bar she will pull her top down and join you. It’s that simple. And there’s something beautiful about that simplicity.

More to the point, these ladies are all skilled. For less than a thousand Baht, you can ask them to take you into one of the booths in the back and go to work. The work they do is really mind blowing. Special emphasis on the blowing! It’s more than worth the money. And it’s a reason I usually stop by the Telephone whenever I’m in Pattaya.

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