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Fresh off the heals of announcing the release of my new guide to Prague I am now able to tell you that my interesting and amazing new book “Screw Ho Chi Minh City!” is also available as we speak. I released this book through Amazon which means you can pick it up instantly for just a few bucks then read it on your Kindle device, computer or phone. No waiting, no worrying. Pick it up and start reading!

Ho Chi Minh City isn’t on the radar for a lot of people. From what I’ve read it’s even considered a hated and disliked city by a lot of tourists. The return rate for tourists in Thailand is like sixty percent while for Vietnam it’s something like five percent. That’s what they say anyway. I actually like the place, but part of that is probably due to me getting to know my way around.

Screw HCMC guide to Saigon

I actually want to travel and live in places that aren’t much like my home. If I liked being back home so much I would have stayed there. Makes sense right? Not for a lot of tourists apparently. You only have to visit places like Pub Street in Siem Reap or Khao San Road in Bangkok to see lots of white tourists reveling in being in a home away from home tourist trap ghetto.

Hey, more power to them. I guess they’re looking for a laid back vacation with little in the way or stress or movement. I can’t help but wonder why they would travel to Ho Chi Minh City or Bangkok rather than an all inclusive beach resort if that’s their goal, but whatever. It’s their choice for their lives.

My choices are based on my own life. That’s how it should be. I like to get to know a new place. Most especially I like to do that by getting to know some local ladies, including intimately whenever possible. Although a lot of dudes have pissed and moaned about Ho Chi Minh City for a supposed lack of available tail, I am here to tell you that there’s is an abundance available.

In my new book “Screw Ho Chi Minh City!” I cover the place from top to bottom. Everything is in there from the sexy cafes to the blow job barbershops. I explain how I avoid the infamous taxi ripoffs and spend almost nothing on getting around the city, how I find decent girl friendly hotels without spending a lot of time or money, and even some unknown money exchange spots with great rates. Finally, I include a lot of information about the often overlooked dating scene with millions of hot Vietnamese chicks who are surprisingly easy to talk to.

This will be the last book I write and publish in the “Screw” series for a while. I published my first book “Screw Pattaya!” a year ago. In the twelve months since I have managed to publish six more “Screw” books covering cities as varied as Kuala Lumpur and Prague. That’s not a bad record, if I do say so myself. What really matters is what the readers say, at least if we want to judge things in terms of results. So far I’m happy with the sales and proud of what I put out. That’s enough for me, at least at the moment.

Until I publish more Screw titles, indeed if I ever get around to it at all, you can rest in the knowledge that whatever else I write on the topic of sex around the world will be published here for you to read free of charge. Thanks for reading!

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