How to date and have sex with women in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the biggest countries in the world in terms of population. And since Vietnamese women are usually good looking, that means there are tons of sexy women in Vietnam. As I will show, getting to know a few of them isn’t that difficult at all. There can be a language barrier, but that’s not much of a problem.

The truth is that it is that dating Vietnamese women is pretty like dating anyone else. In some ways it is a lot easier. Especially right now in major cities like Saigon. But also in the small enclaves where they are less likely to see foreigners. The country is totally openening up and there are tons of hot girls looking for foreign guys.

I know because I am often a foreign guy in Vietnam. And I do very well there in terms of dating and hooking up with local chicks. Sometimes it is hard to pull myself away from all the available pay for play since it’s so cheap and plentiful. But looking at sexy Viets with slim bodies all day is great motivation!

How to meet women in Vietnam

The internet is the best option for meeting women in Vietnam. Even if you are in the country, it gives you the most opportunity. You can talk to hundreds of women instantly. If they don’t answer, it’s no big deal. So there’s no risk of rejection or worries about a language barrier. Just send messages and wait for a response.

Women in Vietnam use various dating sites and apps. Tinder is pretty big. They also use the local app Zalo, which has a “people nearby” option. WeChat has a similar search option, but it’s filled with a lot of prostitutes. If you really want to meet women, just spend time time swiping through the various online options.

women in Vietnam are beautiful

You can also try talking to chicks in the regular old school way. Just get ready for rejection. Or more commonly, confusion. Most people in Vietnam cannot speak English. Outside of the cities, the level of English is super low. So you better hope your game and corny pick up lines make it though Google translate. No matter what, try to get phone numbers or Zalo contacts. That lets you chat to them over the phone.

Once you start chatting, all you really have to do is ask them to meet you. It is as easy as that. A surprisingly high number of Vietnamese women will happily meet you in person. Usually on the same day you start talking to them. Just suggest a nice public place and show up on time.

Going on dates in Vietnam

Coffee is king in Vietnam. If you’ve been there then you know that. There are cafes everywhere. They even have sexy cafes for men. You don’t want those for dates. But you can recommend any other cafe in the city. Vietnamese people are used to socializing over coffee. And it’s cheap and easy to walk away from if things go bad.

If you get tired of cafe dates, or what to move on from that, then check out a movie. The movie theaters in Vietnam are super cheap. But they always get good Western movies. The best part about them is watching all the other sexy chicks coming and going. When the last Fast and Furious was in theaters, I took 3 girls in a row to see it. I ended up in bed with two of them.

vietnamese beauty

Because after a movie, all you have to do is close the deal. Having a real room can help. It’s cheap and easy enough to rent a condo or apartment in the major cities. Hotels pose more of a challenge. First of all, the laws officially say that Vietnamese chicks can’t go to your room they are your wife. Hotels like the A25 will let them anyway. But even then, a lot of women won’t want to go to a hotel with someone they just met. They might not want to screw with a temporary tourist. Or they might think it “looks bad.” Having a real room helps a lot.

Some people online claim that most women in Vietnam are looking for long term relationships. That might have been true in the past. In my direct experience, it is not necessarily the case today. In many visits and many months spent in the country, I have always been able to meet women and have sex. Seriously, I have never had a problem with this at all.

Hooking up and casual sex in Vietnam

To be honest, internet dating is the best option for hooking up and casual sex in Vietnam too. It gives you access to the most chicks. And you can quickly filter through them. You have a better chance of finding English-speakers too. Tinder is still the best app there is in Vietnam. A lot of the chicks there want to meet foreign guys. Zalo and WeChat take a lot more work. But they can produce results if you are willing to spend time sending messages to strangers.

Although you will see a lot of chicks that write stuff like “no fuck boys or ONS” in their Tinder profiles, don’t let it get you down. Often that just means they want to meet a guy and hang out a while. But they can still be down to fuck. I learned this first hand after hooking up with Vietnamese chicks who wrote those kinds of things in their profiles. After they met me and got to know me a little, they were cool with going back to my room.

Clubs and bars can be a good place to meet women too. Of course, these are much better places to find a hook up than an actual girlfriend. Lush is the most popular. Glow is better if you want to meet classy chicks. But go to 1960 if you want to meet college students and chicks into foreigners. Beware that there are freelancer prostitutes in a lot of bars and clubs. So a chick you meet might actually want money. In some places that is more obvious than others. The hookers at Apocalypse Now come right out and ask for cash before going anywhere.

If you can deal with the smell of unwashed backpacker armpits, hanging out on Bui Vien Street at night is another option. Some “foreigner chasers” who love guys from other countries hang around there. They’re eager to meet western guys and easy to turn into girlfriends or even friends with benefits. They’re a little more eager to speak some English too.

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