The hottest Colombian chicks are in Panama

What if I told you that the hottest Colombian chicks are actually located in Panama? Wouldn’t that sound strange? Well at least at first. Then you start to consider that Panama is basically an American protectorate where they use the US dollar. Follow the money and find the mother load!

If you have been here before then you probably know that I think Colombia is overrated as a travel destination for men. After going there a few times I was even tempted to think that Colombian chicks are overrated.

colombia and panama map

A trip to Miami didn’t help. Most of the Colombian chicks I saw there were either super sized or loaded up with more Saline than a tractor trailer full of Visine.

But then I went to a small bar in Panama City. Inside I found more beautiful and sexy Colombianas than I have seen in all of my collective travels.

Habano’s Cafe in Panama City

Habano’s Cafe is a pretty plain place. It’s more or less just a bunch of tables with a roof over it. Then there are some waitresses selling overpriced beer. That’s about it. The place would be totally lame in fact if it wasn’t for one thing. And that is the presence of lots and lots of Latina chicks. Some are Dominican. A couple are from Panama. But then there all the Colombian chicks. And oh my god holy fuck are they sexy. Almost without exception.

These are the kinds of chicks you imagine when someone talks about how hot and sexy Colombians are. Perfectly sized with thin waists and round tits and ass. Pretty faces. Even nice hair and makeup. We’re talking about some super hot women. And they all fuck for $100. That’s quite alright with me!

Now some people might freak out and start crying about how these women have to go to another country to prostitute. I feel for anyone who has to work for a living. But the babes I met in Panama all went on their own. I asked them why they didn’t just stay in Colombia where prostitution is legal and common. They usually said they could make more in Panama. Or that they didn’t want to be recognized by any family or friends. This professional journalist had a similar experience. So get the fuck out of here with your complaints. And then read on.

One more thing to mention is that Panama and Colombia were the same country until recently. Panama was separated from Colombia in 1903 when the US took over the Panama canal. So really these chicks are just moving within their own country. Or what was their own country. Cope!

Don’t judge a country by its cover

This only goes to show that you can’t make a proper judgement call from a brief overview. Or even several of them. Because I’ve been through Latin America several times at this point. But I am just now finding the best looking Colombian chicks I have ever seen. Who would have known that I would have to leave Colombia to do that? This is just one of those things I guess. Though on second thought I have seen some really hot Chinese chicks in Macau and Hong Kong.

Come to think of it, this phenomenon can also be found on other continents. When you travel through the United States you see tons of fat and ugly chicks. But then you wind up in some college town or major city and you find plenty of slim, sexy and good looking women. And you see tons of hot Romanian chicks in the sex saunas of Germany. But when you go to Romania you don’t find nearly as many beautiful women.

These kind of thing even applies to minds and money. Rich people fled shitty cities like Buffalo and St Louis when things started going downhill. Genius kids leave Iowa and go to study at MIT with the other genius kids. And the best babes don’t hang around in the armpits and assholes when they can go somewhere bigger and better. It all makes sense!

Anyway, I have a whole new perspective now that I have seen such sexy Colombian babes in Panama City. Apparently this isn’t the end of it either. Supposedly some really hot Colombian chicks work in Costa Rica. I didn’t see them there last time I went through. But I am committed to looking again. And from what I hear a lot of super hot Colombian chicks also go to CuraƧao and Campo Alegre to cash in on their good looks. Camp Alegre shut down due to Covid. But Curacao is still on my hit list. When I get back there I will let you know what I think.

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