Cheap brothels in Colombia

Prostitution is legal in Colombia. It’s also easy to find. From the street corner to high end lounges and strip clubs it’s easy to find paid sex. Some of the lowest price prostitution can be found in the many cheap brothels around the country. We’re talking places where women suck and fuck for as little as $10. The crazy thing is most of them look better than the women in your neighborhood.

One thing that sets cheap brothels in Colombia apart from cheap brothels in a lot of other areas is how well organized and even clean they are. At the chicken farms in Cambodia guys are literally fucking prostitutes in shacks. In Thailand they fuck in shacks or even in the bushes. But the places in Colombia are in apartments that people could live in. And they actually wipe down the walls and change the sheets once in a while.

On the other hand you could get kidnapped or more likely robbed on your way in or out of any of these brothels. It’s not as bad as it used to be but those are both still very real possibilities. Now I have never been robbed or even scammed in Colombia. But it definitely does happen. Especially to obvious foreigners and guys who just aren’t built for the lifestyle.Paying ransom to get out of a jungle bunker would add a serious expense to any outing though. So it’s something to consider.

brothel in Colombia

It isn’t rough enough to keep out the guys who really want to get laid though. Because these places stay busy. You don’t see dudes lined up outside. But there are times when you run into another guy on the stairs on the way in or out. I have seen some elderly gringos coming out of a couple of these brothels. So it’s not like every customer has to be as hard hitting as Iron Mike with a face tattoo.

The Colombian brothels usually have some dude managing the place. Some of them even have printed menus. The prices are straight forward. There’s no room for interpretation nor are there tons of options like you find in Japan. They basically just list the prices per time period. It’s paid up front to the manager dude and it includes the room and a rubber. And that’s it! Prices vary a little but it’s common to find a 15 minute time slot for 40,000 COP. At the current exchange rate that is $10.55 US. Some places are even cheaper. I found one place that only wanted 20,000 Pesos for 15 minutes or 37,000 for 30. That’s like 33 cents a minute!

Now I don’t get romantic with prostitutes. But I usually prefer 30 minute sessions when I can get them. If gives me a little more time to get into the situation. I won’t lie and pretend like I have never done quickies though. Or that I always use all the time. One time at a brothel in Germany I paid for two 30 minute sessions but blew my load on the third stroke with this ultra hot super sexy 20 year old Aryan babe with an immaculate body. Just thinking back to that time tightens up my underwear though. So you know she was hot.

A couple of times in Colombia I had to actually jack my cock to get it hard. I am usually rip roaring and ready to go. But one time I wandered into this brothel my Uber driver recommended. There were lots of dudes but only 3 chicks available. I picked this tanned Indian looking chick with crazy curves. In the room she pealed off her pants. They looked like they were painted on. It was crazy. But she had one of those fake implant asses. It was all gross and lumpy with weird coloration. So even as she sat there naked on the bed I had to knock my cock around to kick it into gear.

Usually though I do as the locals. A quick chat, strip naked, enjoy the body a bit, get my cock sucked on until my erection is nice and solid, roll down a rubber, then pound away until my nuts vomit some cock snot into the rubber. Then it’s “gracias” and “cuidate”, pull my pants up, and leave. There’s nothing more to it. It’s like fast food for prostitution. Only it’s cheaper than a meal at your local McDonald’s.

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