Review of Fase II in Medellin

Fase II is a strip club in Medellin. But it is not just any strip club. They have a set of short time hotel rooms in the building right next door. That and the fact that this is Colombia lets you know that full sex is available for a price. And the price is not that high in comparison to much of the rest of the world.

I have been traveling the world and fucking women since I was 19 years old. I am not saying I am the most knowledgeable guy on earth. But I have seen a lot of stuff. Other people might not have seen as much. Like all the dudes who say they were robbed or ripped off in the Google reviews for Fase II. I’ve been there a few times and no one has tried anything on me at all. So what gives?

A word on marks

I do know that some guys just aren’t built for this lifestyle. Even back in the days in America I used to see how some guys just got targeted. Scammers would call those people easy marks. I keep my head pretty squarely on my shoulders. In all of my travels over all of this time I can’t say I was ever really ripped off. I am rarely even approached with any potential scam.

stripper from fase ii

There are some guys out there who seem to bounce from one bad situation to another. I don’t know what it is. Maybe they are just too trusting. I honestly couldn’t tell you. All I can do is give you one great tip, tell you how to dress for success and remind you to stay aware of your surroundings and remember where you are. That all applies whether you are in the Southside of Chicago or Fase II in Medellin.

I never had any sort of issue whatsoever at Fase II. Then again I have been all over Colombia with no issue either. Sure it is possible to get kidnapped or blown up down here. But I haven’t had as much as a beggar approach me in all of my time. It could be luck or it could be that I don’t come off as a mark, sucker or easy score to professional con artists. You be the judge.

Fase II Medellin in Review

As for Fase II things are about as straightforward as they get. It’s a big strip club with the name plastered right on the wall. They have a couple of bouncers at the door. But they don’t really hassle foreigners. They charge 10,000 COP to get in. That comes out to a massive $2.50 in American money. Inside prices aren’t much higher. A drink is a dollar or two. You can tip the dancers with 2000 Peso notes which cost 50 cents American. And you can fuck pretty much any of the dancers for 200,000 or around $50. This is obviously more than the cheap Colombian brothels. But it is hardly big money.

Fase II is big inside. It’s bigger than most strip clubs I have been too. But it’s mostly empty space. You have a bar on the left side. In the middle you have a stage with stripper poles. There are seats all around the stage. If you sit there dancers will expect tips. If you sit away from the stage they mostly leave you alone. Except for the occasional chick walking around who might try to chat you up and get a fifty dollar fuck out of you.

There might be twenty or thirty chicks there. Some are on stage with bikinis. Especially the chicks with the fake tits and asses. There is a real Colombian mix of white, black and mixed chicks. I didn’t see any indigenous looking ladies though. No fat chicks or MILFs either. I personally prefer the natural chicks to the pumped up bimbos. They are more likely to keep their clothes on and just hang around in the bar. Everyone is different though.

If you do want to fuck you just talk to the chicks. I have never been turned down. It’s as easy as agreeing on a price and getting out of the club. The price should include use of a room. The place right next door looks like a converted airplane hangar. There are little rooms tucked into the side. They are basic but good enough for the purpose. They also come with free condoms though I bring my own from home.

Chicks in Colombia love them some condoms. Especially the prostitutes. They even like the taste of them apparently. Or at least they put up with it. Because Colombian sex workers basically insist on condoms for each and every sex act. I’m almost surprised that they don’t do hand jobs through condoms too. It’s okay though. I understand they want to stay as safe as possible as they fuck random dudes for small sums of money. Still, it does make me miss the bareback blowjob bars of Pattaya!

Fase II is called “fase dos” by locals. It is located at Cra. 44 #30-27, Medellin, Colombia. The club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM.

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