A flight attendant’s friend got me laid in Bangkok

A flight attendant’s friend got me laid in Bangkok. I was just minding my business in the airport when she told me that her friend liked me. I saw the friend who looked shy but laughed. So I asked for her Line info. I got it, we chatted, and a couple of weeks later I was nuts deep in her box.

I already told you about the Thai waitress that picked me up earlier this year. So by now you are probably starting to send a trend. Or you might just think I’m full of shit. Either way is okay with me.

I don’t know if Thai chicks are getting more bold and aggressive or I am just getting lucky. But I have been approached by more Thai chicks in the last year than I ever have in my entire life. Including when I was younger, better looking, and spending much more time in night clubs where you might expect this kind of thing.

Maybe these women are just packed with pent up energy from the years they couldn’t get out and at it. Or maybe they are empowered by the gains they’ve maid. Whatever the case may be I am glad it is going down. Because I have now been picked up several times in Bangkok. And each time it ended with me having sex.


So there I was in line at Don Mueang airport. I was flying Air Asia which I only use for short hops in between ASEAN countries. It’s quick and easy and they usually have the best prices. Plus you can pay a few extra bucks to sit in the first row and be first on and first off the plane.

air asia flight attendant legs

Sure there are downsides. They fly out of Don Mueang for one. Second you usually have to get on a bus and ride that to the plane. So there’s no advantage to priority boarding. Plus you might end up in a line like me because the lousy fucking self check in machine doesn’t work.

Anyway I got up front and this decent looking Thai chick starts checking me in. By Thai standards she would be considered hot. Taller than average, thin, plastic surgery nose, and white skin. That’s all it takes to get the Thai guys going. No wonder ladyboys are so popular.

I wasn’t really thinking anything of this chick but then another chick in a red uniform came over. She whispered something to her friend and they both laughed. I looked her right in the eyes to make sure she knew there would be no shit talked about me. Then I asked “what’s is it?” in Thai. She answered quickly in English. “My friend like you.” And they both laughed again.

That’s all it took

Since I never let a chance for a piece of ass to go by I sprung into action. I started talking to the check in chick, asked her name (even though it was on her badge), where she was from, how old she was. You know, all the usually bar girl questions only in reverse. Then I got her Line information. She seemed a little shocked that I was so forward at first, but she gave me the info so that was that.

I started texting her immediately from the terminal. What can I say? I was bored and secretly hoping that we might end up doing a quickie in the bathroom or something before I left. Sure that is almost impossible but a man can dream. She didn’t answer.

Then I saw her up at the ticket check counter near boarding. So I stopped texting. She took my ticket and smiled and that was it. Until I landed in Phnom Penh. There I saw she messaged me back on Line. And wrote a bunch of other shit too.

It turned out like many discount airline staff she did double or triple duty. Checking people in, ripping tickets, sometimes a flight attendant on short flights too. We talked off and on for a few days. I didn’t send any cock pics or ask for nudes either. Because I knew I would probably see her at the airport again.

Just over two weeks later I was scheduled to fly back into Bangkok on my way to Japan. The flight to Tokyo is a lot cheaper from Bangkok than Phnom Penh. So it made sense. While I was at it I asked the chick to go out to eat with me. She agreed.

I have to say this chick was pretty boring in person. And even less attractive once out of her tight red Air Asia skirt and in regular blue jeans and a loose fitting shirt. But we had spaghetti then drinks. Then I brought her to my Air BNB and we fucked on the couch.

She couldn’t suck cock to save her life. Maybe her fake nose got in the way. She was thin with no tits or ass. I liked her hairy black muff but her hole was loose and with the condom I had a hard time even getting a nut off. She was nice enough but not my cup of tea. Probably if I was sex starved I would have loved every minute of it. At the end it just left me wishing I would have gone to a BJ bar for some throat work instead. Still I basically fell into the pussy with little no effort. So I can’t really complain.

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