I fucked the 19 year old Thai chick’s friend

Remember when I told you about the 19 year old Thai chick I fucked? Well today I am going to tell you about how I fucked her friend. It took a bit of work. And the friend wasn’t even as hot as the original chick. But I still think it was worth it.

Since I’ve written about all kinds of wild stuff like fucking three sisters or even a mom and her adult daughter you might think I am going to tell you about a threesome. But that isn’t how it went down. I actually had to get pretty sneaky and underhanded just to get to the friend.

Truth is often stranger than fiction. In porno a chick catches you fucking her friend, gets angry for 3 seconds, then joins in. In real life a chick catches you fucking her friend and starts a big scene. Or tries to cut your nads off. Either way it is not a good look.

How I met the friend

The 19 year old Thai chick was a college student. When we first met she wanted to bring friends. We ended up going alone and fucking. But later I did hang out with her and her friends. They were friends by situation though. What I mean is that they met in school and were in the same study group. I don’t think they would have hung out otherwise.

My chick was outgoing, experienced and could speak English. The others were all mostly shy and none of them could even speak a word of English. For at least two of the chicks I was the first foreigner they had even been in close contact with. Lucky them!

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The chick I was with was honestly way hotter too. Even Thai guys thought she was hot. Her school friends would probably be called average at best. I would have fucked them all though. Thai chicks in the 20-22 age range with no kids or tattoos? I’m in!

I really wanted her one friend though. Her name was Fon. A 20 year old from way out in the province. She was skinny and even a bit nerdy. But she was also very cute. Especially when she giggled or blushed. How many times do you see a Thai chick blush?

How I got the friend

Fon was into me. I could tell. I would catch her giving me glimpses. One time when we took a group photo in a restaurant I put my arm around my girl and the other around Fon’s waist. She pulled even closer to me. Later she got wasted and passed out.

I had no easy in. First I tried to find Fon in her Facebook friends. No luck in that heap of 10,000 people. So I went on her Line profile. I could see that Fon “liked” one of her profile pics. But there’s no way to click the name that did the liking to send a message. Damn!

Eventually after I left, the original chick was getting upset that I wasn’t coming back to see her. She said I was just like all the rest, not a good guy, blah, blah, blah. I said she was right. Then I told her that her friend was hot and I wanted to fuck her. She seemed more shocked than angry. I said I’d give her 3,000 Baht if she would hook me up. What did I have to lose? She said she hated me, didn’t like Fon anymore and didn’t care. Then she sent me a screenshot of Fon’s Facebook. I didn’t even have the send the 3,000 Baht. Yes!

This all seems incredible. But I have found out when you don’t give a fuck you can make a lot happen. Worst case scenario the chick I already screwed got angry and blocked me. I would then be right where I started: tired of the original chick and not in contact with Fon. So no loss! As it turned out my crazy gambit worked. So I started sending Fon messages.

We chatted for a long while. It took a lot of effort to break the ice, wear down her defenses, and explain that I wasn’t in love with the original chick. Finally she agreed to meet me. Not in her town but down in Bangkok where she traveled. We met up and it turned out I knew Bangkok a lot better than she did. I took her all around. I wined and dined her all day long for a whopping grand total of about $60. Then I took her to a short time hotel.

She was inexperienced but not a virgin. She never even sucked cock before. She didn’t suck that day either. But two days later she finally gave me a half-hearted lick. It was alright though. Her body was tight, the hole was tighter, and I shot several loads all over her. The sex was hot, heavy and passionate. I never saw her again. And I probably ruined my relationship with her and the original chick. But looking back I don’t regret any of it. The sex was good. And for that I am grateful.

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