Prepagos in Colombia

Prepago is a slang word in Colombia. The Spanish word prepago actually translates to “prepaid.” But we aren’t talking about cell phones here. Because in Colombia, “prepagos” are a kind of freelance or independent prostitute. In other words they are chicks who sell sex directly.

Most of the prepagos in Colombia have sex for money on the side. It’s an extra way for them to earn income while they study at college or something. But then there are the prepagoss that live off of the proceeds full time. Or hand most of it over to low life loser boyfriends.

These chicks are a little bit like the sideliners in Chiang Mai. Even when it comes down to the price. But there are some differences. We are talking about places as different as Asia and Latin America after all.

Why prepago?

Why are freelance prostitutes called prepagos in Colombia? You might think it is because guys have to pay them before they fuck. But that is not the case at all. Despite what some scammers may try to say customers normally pay prostitutes in Colombia after they do their thing. It is just like most of the rest of the world. And restaurants.

prepaid prostitute colombia

To tell you the truth I don’t really know why they are called prepagos since they are not prepaid at all. No one I talked to in Colombia seems to know either. I asked everyone from taxi drivers to the actually hookers themselves. No se por que. Oh well. It doesn’t really matter. There are just two things to remember here. One is that independent prostitutes are referred to as prepagos in Colombia. The other is that hookers in Colombia normally get paid after they get busy.

If I did have to guess I would say that this term like a lot of other Colombian slang probably came out of Medellin. Parlache has a major presence in everyday Colombian speech. Especially if you hang out with the undesirables like me. So it could be that this word started out in Medellin then just moved on to normal parlance.

How much are prepagos in Colombia?

Sex is pretty cheap in Colombia. Sure there are high end escorts like the $800 a night chicks those government dudes got caught with years ago. But every day run of the mill stuff is some of the cheapest in Latin America and maybe even the world.

We’re talking about a country where the brothels charge just $10 a session. So you know the street walkers and independents are going to ask for an arm and a leg. In the red zones I’ve seen hookers offer up for a mere $5. The crazy thing is some of the prepagos don’t ask for a lot more than that!

Well it is crazy to me. Or at least it was when I first encountered it. The main reason I started this site was to relay my stories like this to the guys back home without repeating myself. Nowadays I am pretty used to it. So used to it in fact that I can even turn down $5 sex from a sexy Latina walking the street in little more than a thong. Call me jaded.

Prepagos mainly find dudes on websites or just regular old Twitter. If you go there and search for prepago you will see there are tons of chicks. Some of them use different words to get around Twitter filtering though. The slang changes just like it always has. And the world’s oldest profession keeps going. Especially in Colombia where it is legal, there are lots of chicks, and money can be tough for many of those chicks to come by.

Unless of course those chicks come by and make the cum fly. And that my dear friends is the root of it all. Well that and the fact that guys are horny and want sex. All of this together is how I got a threesome with 2 black chicks from Tinder. But don’t blame me. I am just a man on a mission to keep my dick wet. Colombian prepagos help make that possible.

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