What does AF mean in Japan?

If you have even a passing interest in Japanese prostitution or Japanese porn you may have seen the term “AF”. You might also wonder what it means. While things are never exactly straightforward in this department I can actually explain what AF means in Japan. At least in regards to sex, porn and prostitution.

In general, Japanese people use a lot of English words and phrases. Except that they don’t always use English words the same way that we English-speakers do. I am not just talking about the pronunciation either, like when mirror sounds like “miller.” I am talking about actual English words that have been ported into Japanese. There’s a whole category of terms in the Japanese language called Wasei-ego that have their origins in English.

Wasei-ego English words in Japanese

But like I said, they don’t always mean what you might think. For example if you order a “hamburg” in Japan you get something that looks like a salisbury steak. And if someone tells you they live in a “mansion” they actually live in a tiny little apartment. A “viking” is actually a buffet. Then there is the amerikan doggu which is just a corn dog.

AF anal fuck japan meme

But some times the English word does have the same meaning in Japanese. “Bata” is actually butter. “Boru pen” is a ball point pen. And a “doraiba” is a driver. Confused yet?

When it comes to prostitution things even weirder. A lot of English words are used. Though they are not used in ways that any native English speaker would necessarily recognize or understand. I mean, who would guess that a “pink salon” is a blowjob bar? Or that “delivery health” is an escort service? I surely wouldn’t have before I traveled to Japan and became intimately familiar with fuzoku.

AF in Japanese

Now back to AF. What does AF mean in the context of Japanese prostitution? Plainly put, it means “Anal Fuck.” But it is not as simple as that. Again we are dealing with an indirect language in a country where people are often indirect. So “AF” is basically a kind of code that applies rather uniquely to prostitution in Japan.

You see, the specific way the laws are written in Japan forbid the sale of vaginal sex. That means a woman can’t legally take money for dick-in-pussy penetration. But the laws don’t mention any activities. So pink salons can do blowjobs for money. And massage shops can do hand jobs for money. Escorts can do blowjobs, handjobs and even simulated sex where they rub their pussy right on the shaft of the cock. As long as they don’t slip the cock into their slit they are not running afoul of the law.

You know what else they can do? Anal fucking. That’s right! Fucking ass is not specifically mentioned in the anti-prostitution laws in Japan. So women (and men and ladyboys too) can actually offer anal sex for money openly and without any issue. So does this mean that Japanese hookers are letting their customers fuck them up the butt? Not exactly.

Anal fuck or ass fuck

There are different kinds of escorts in Japan. Most of them do handjobs, blowjobs and simulated sex as a standard service. But they will charge for extras like “cum in mouth” or “video recording.” AF will also be mentioned as an extra a lot of times. Officially this means they are offering butt banging. But in reality a lot of the chicks are just offering full service dick-in-pussy sex in an indirect way. This allows them to advertise that they go all the way without getting in trouble.

Now don’t get me wrong, some of the women will actually take it in the ass. I have actually seen that before. Some will only take it up the butt and not the pussy. They are real sticklers for the rules. That’s not uncommon in Japan either. So basically a guy who pays extra for AF with a Japanese escort will either get to penetrate a pussy or an ass. They both feel good so I definitely don’t mind the surprise. Someone fluent in Japanese could probably suss out the situation exactly. But as for me if I pull the trigger on AF I just take whatever hole they want to give me.

Hopefully this clears up the meaning of AF in Japan. But just to muddy up the waters just remember that full vaginal sex is regularly offered as a part of the standard service in the Japanese soaplands. I don’t know what that is exactly and I won’t pretend to. But I do know that I have had sex in every Japanese soapland I have ever visited.

Some say this is because the soaplands have been around so long they existed before the anti-prostitution laws were written. Some say that soaplands only charge for bathing and whatever the women do inside the rooms is up to them. I think it might be the second guess that’s right. Because at some soaplands they charge a room fee up front, then another fee is paid directly to the women in the room. Either way I don’t mind. Because I find it all very fun and enjoyable.

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