Asian happy ending massage in New York City

Wow, time really does fly! Another year is almost over. I made this website more than three years ago with a post about the best blowjob in Thailand. At first I posted almost daily. Then I got sidetracked for a while working on other stuff. While I was gone, the traffic on this site skyrocketed. So I decided to come back. I’ve been posting almost every week for the last year. For some reason traffic dipped then started to recover, but it’s still not as high as it was when I stopped posting all together for a few months. Why is that? I have no idea. Ask Google.

With so much time invested in this site now I plan on maintaining it. It’s not bringing me in any big bucks but I do get some money every month and that helps me on my mission to “screw the whole world”. Hopefully I will continue to be rewarded for my efforts.

Headed into my fourth year here, with posts about seventeen countries published, I realize that I haven’t written anything about America! On the one hand that makes sense, since for a horny guy looking for hot chicks to bang, it’s no long the land of milk and honey. It’s not that great on a lot of other fronts too anymore, but that’s for another blog. Anyway, I do still visit America once or twice a year, but to be honest when I am there I mostly just think about getting back out on the road. The over abundance of overweight women with no makeup but plenty of tattoos doesn’t exactly pump up my libido.

America is a different animal

One strange thing I realized is that I find myself being attracted to totally average Asian and Latina chicks whenever I’m in the US. I guess beggars can’t by choosers, but a lot of the Thai and Filipina chicks I hit on in America would never motivate me to even say hi in Asia. The worst part is that they are hard to screw anyway, at least when compared to my experiences dating and having sex with women in the Philippines and Thailand.

happy ending in New York

There are still a ton of working women in the US, and a lot of them are hot Asians. Years ago, before I was living in Asia I used to break up my many dates with hot Asian and Latina chicks with visits to Asian massage parlors. I tried some Latin love shacks and even a Russian place once, but they weren’t for me. Value to dollar was higher in the Chinese jack shacks, and the chicks were much hotter in the Korean massage parlors. I even had some fun doing exploring, trying to figure out which massage parlors had chicks who would jack me off for twenty bucks. The excitement of waiting for an innocent looking Chinese masseuse to grab my wood at the end of a good rub down was part of the fun. This was in the days before sites like Naughty Reviews and Rub Maps were available, so you had to do your own research. You could plow through the thousands of pages of forum posts and try to figure out the hints and acronyms to get some clues but that was a huge pain in the ass. For the most part it was all about being an independent explorer.

Finding happy endings

Now there is Rub Maps and a bunch of other sites like it, so anyone with a computer or phone can find their local rub and tug without getting out of their chair. You can even get the names of chicks and graphic descriptions of what exactly they do and how much they charge. That’s pretty crazy in a country crazy enough to outlaw handjobs, but it’s been going on for years and it shows no sign of slowing down.

I was going through some of the New York area reviews recently just for kicks and I found that things are pretty much like they were back when I would visit the Big Apple looking for a good rub down and release. With more than one thousand massage parlors in the five boroughs, there’s a lot of action!

The Chinese places that specialize in happy endings are still kind of incognito. They probably even do regular massages when squares or women show up. The only real way to find them is through research or trial and error. There are a bunch in Chinatown, more in Midtown, some on the Upper East Side, and many more over in Flushing. They charge 40 to 60 bucks for a one hour massage and the chicks usually jack customers off with oil after they give them a decent massage. Normally people tip 30 to 60 bucks for the service. Once in a while a chick that knows a guy will offer a suck job or even sex, but that’s not a normal thing. You get naked and lay on a massage table and they cover your ass with a towel and lube you up. Chinese places usually take payment at the end.

There was one Chinese place in Manhattan that really broke the mold. It was as nice as it gets. They even had a doorman. Inside it was this big elaborate place with a locker room, a steam room, some table shower rooms where a random chubby Latina lady gave you a nude wash, and beautiful private rooms with bars on the ceilings and really hot Chinese chicks in their twenties who gave great backrubs and even better handies. The front desk looked like it came out of a five star hotel, the place took American Express and they even gave you some free candy on the way out! Apparently the place is still open, but I haven’t been there for years so I don’t what all goes on inside now. It wasn’t cheap even way back then. I think it was around $120 bucks all together.

Korean massage parlors

The Korean places are much more obvious if you know what to look for. For one, they don’t even advertise with their addresses. You can see their ads on Backpage and Craigslist or even check out there websites and never see an actual location. They don’t have any signs or anything outside either. Plus, they usually have crazy hours. They’re open from like noon to four in the morning or even twenty four hours.

Their websites are sexier than they used to be. They used to just have some airbrushed pictures. I see places advertising nude body massage and even soapy massage now. Some websites have really sexy pictures too. Everything else is still the same though. You have to call a number and make an appointment. The phone chick will usually ask if you’ve been there before. If it was my first time, I used to say “No, but I’ve been to Rose,” and name some other popular Korean place. That usually worked. After you call they give you their address. A few places tell you go to a certain corner then call again. I guess they look at you out a window or through a camera to see if you’re legit.

When you show up at a Korean place you get buzzed in and there’s usually some stinky lobby type of room. You either get an old mamasan or the chick who is going to massage you. Sometimes they ask you for 60 to 80 bucks for a one hour massage then when you get in the room they quickly ask you for 140 more. Other times they ask you for a whole 200 right up front. I guess some places are now charging 220 to 240 though.


Korean places in NYC are posting sexier pics than ever!

At the Korean places the chicks wear sexy dresses. At some you go into a shower room and they you on a table naked and wash you with a shower poof that’s probably been used on 5000 guys. Then they might spend a grand total of two or three minutes giving you some really soft massage to get you in the mood. After that they start sucking you and a condom miraculously appears on your dick. Don’t ask me how they apply the condom with their mouths without you knowing, but they do. Finally they climb on you and ride you with a pre-lubricated pussy that is also prepared out of sight. They have muscle control too, so they can get you off whenever they want, which is usually pretty quickly. They are real pros and they look pretty damn good.

There are a bunch of Korean massage parlors around Koreatown and Midtown, some in Long Island City and a couple more in Brooklyn. There are also a bunch in Flushing of course. And those are only the ones I know about. They move around, but most of the ones I’ve read about in the last few days are in the same general areas they always were.

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same!

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