I fucked the Cambodian massage lady

Do you remember when I told you about the time I got a happy ending with my friend in the room? Well several months later I went back to that same place and ended up fucking the chick who did the happy ending. She wasn’t exactly a professional prostitute or anything. But I did give her money and she did let me fuck her. So make of that what you will. Here is how it all went down.

I ended up in the same area with some free time. Well to be honest most of my time is free. I probably “work” 3 hours a week if you even want to call it that. But I do a lot of traveling, reading, exercising and stuff like that. On this particular day though I was sitting around with literally nothing to do. It was in the middle of the big worldwide shut down and not much was open.

At that point there weren’t a ton of restrictions in Cambodia. But a lot of businesses just closed anyway. Without any tourists or many expats around and with people still scared about what could happen a lot of shops shutdown. Especially a lot of massage parlors.

Going around in a ghost town

Even back when I got the handjob in front of my friend most of the massage places were out of business. Only a select few stayed open and usually because they either lived in the same building or owned it. So they didn’t have to bother about paying rent.

I thought I would take a chance and ride over to the massage place. As soon as I showed up I saw the masseuse from before sitting outside in a chair looking at her phone. She glanced up and when she realized it was me she had a huge smile on her face. Either I am really memorable or I left a great tip. I would like to think it was both.

Cambodian milf ass

Immediately she ran over and asked if I wanted a massage. I said yes. She asked where my friend was. I said I had no idea. Her smile got even bigger. She ran inside and told the boss that she had a customer. Then we went up a bunch of stairs into a room and she locked the door.

Like many massage places in Cambodia this place looked more like an old house than a business. They had actual beds in the rooms. And each room had a full bathroom. With a solid wooden door that locked that meant there was opportunity. So as soon as we got inside I stripped down and said I was horny.

A happy ending and then some

The masseuse laughed and said we could get to get the hand job later. I told her I wanted more and asked for a kiss. She smiled and gave me one on the cheek. Then I kicked it into overdrive. I told her I missed her. I said her smile was pretty and her ass was sexy. Even though she was a mother heading into middle age both things were true. She asked if my friend would mind. I said no. Then she said she didn’t have a condom. I told her I did. She got quiet and kept rubbing my legs as my cock grew stiffer.

At first I thought I blew it and I was trying to think of a way to dig myself out of the hole. Then she spoke. “How much can you give me?” Bingo! I said $40. She said how about 50. I said I only had 40. I actually had a couple hundred, but I didn’t want to spend more than 40 bucks. Luckily she accepted.

She got naked. Like I said she was cute with a really pretty smile. She was also very short but with a round brown ass. As it turned out her tits held up pretty well too, though she did have a couple of stretch marks on her stomach. Oh well. It was dark inside and right after she slobbered on my knob for a couple of minutes I rolled on my Okamoto Zero Zero Two and flipped her over to hit it from the back.

The combination of the condom and the looseness of her hole made it a bit tough to catch my nut. I mean the sex was pleasurable but after fucking almost a thousand women including lots of bareback action with tight chicks in their 20’s my dick can be a little picky. I always manage to succeed in my struggle though. This time was no exception.

I remember what finally pushed me over the edge. She put her face down on the pillow like she was exhausted. But she still had her firm ass pointed up in the air like an experienced woman. I was pounding her doggy style with a sort of sideways angle. I wasn’t fucking her fast like a piston. But I was blasting her hole with a lot of force and a steady rhythm. She was really taking it and trying to hide her moans at the same time. That was getting me going. Then I looked down and realized she had one of the best looking puckers of all time. I mean it was a magnificent asshole. I felt a rush and then all of my semen gushed out and into the tip of the condom.

I nearly passed out on the bed. She got up, peeled off the condom, examined it under the light for some reason, then disappeared into the bathroom. She came out fully dressed and looking normal. Then we finished our massage. I gave her two crisp US $20 dollar bills. Then I went downstairs and paid for my $8 massage at the desk. Then I stumbled out looking like I went a round and a half with Mike Tyson. She smiled and said goodbye. I walked off into the sunset. That was that and I never saw her again. Just another day in paradise.

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