Sick US culture has infected Latin America

If the US was ever great it sure ain’t no more. It’s no secret that America has been spinning down the drain and inching closer to cesspool status every day. It’s one of the reasons I left when I was 19 years old and why I would never move back. Now you can come at me if you want to but I’m not here to argue about this plain and certain fact. If you’re real upset about it you could always try to improve things. I would rather comment from abroad. So that’s what I do.

Although I left America long ago as not to get killed I am accustomed to American cultural imperialism penetrating the rest of the world. It’s why people dress up for Halloween on Soi 6 in Pattaya, why Cambodian chicks ask for Valentine’s Day Gifts and why Buddhists in Burma wish you a Merry Christmas then ask for presents. But even I was shocked by how much of the worst of American culture has penetrated into many parts of Latin America in recent years. It’s sad and depressing. Like American taxes it seems inescapable!

this is america

Now I realize that the US of A is not all bad. How could any place that produced someone as swell as me be totally negative? Then there’s the stuff almost as good as me that came out of the states like electricity, airplanes, the internet, computers, air conditioning, the cure for Polio and rollerboard luggage. But then there is all the death, destruction, mayhem and general crap that has been shat out of the collective oversized American ass and dropped onto the world like bird shit.

A lot of the worst aspects of America have filtered into Latin America these days and it is obvious. A country like Colombia has been embroiled in a civil war since 1964. But at least there is a reason for that. Same thing applies to the big narcos who were out to get rich. But a lot of the tattoo faced nihilistic gangsta losers you see today seem to be more influenced by the inner city slums of America than the violent situation in parts of their own country. We could blame NWA, the music industry or Youtube. I blame the country as a whole for letting shit get so out of control in places like Chicago. But even Colombia looks better than Chiraq these days, the gangbangers not withstanding.

I’ve been going to Latin America for a long time. I had quite an absence in recent years since I was lost in Asia with stops off in Europe. But now when I return to certain graffiti covered cities in Latin America I feel like I’m stuck in a late 1990’s gangsta rap video from New York. There are more tough guys than ever too. They are not the majority of men by any means, and some of them are actually just deportees straight from the shores of the sunny USA. But I miss the old fun loving Latino guys who would rather dance with women and have a good time then play the hard rock routine on a filthy street corner.

Worse still are some of the trends penetrating widely into a lot of Latina women. Forsaking femininity, makeup, dresses and even common courtesy and decency and taking on a dog-eat-dog me versus the world mentality sucks. You expect it in the land of milk and honey. But when I run into some indigenous chick in the mountains of Peru with this kind of outlook I really have to wonder. Especially when she has pink hair, tons of tattoos and an obvious hatred and disdain for the opposite sex. Though of course she still listens to drill music and wants dudes to eat her ass. No thanks fatso. If I wanted to be surrounded by angry ugly obese women I would move to Mississippi.

For now I am avoiding the aggressive thugs and hamburgers while strolling around on the outskirts and edges. I drop in and out of society whenever I need to get my cock wet. Even with an abundance of porn and live cam shows that means I have to interact with people on a daily basis. What can I say? I am a horny guy! But whenever I see the Yanqui monster yield its ugly head I go in the opposite direction. Even if that means I have to avoid some hot nightclub filled with gorgeous horny chicks. If all else fails there are always the cheap brothels.

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