I fucked a Japanese MILF who wasn’t very sexy

I have a confession to make. I fucked an ugly old Japanese MILF. Unlike the super sexy Japanese MILF I told you about before, this woman wasn’t very sexy at all. But I would still call her

Asian porn stars with big boobs

Today we are going to talk about Asian porn stars with big boobs. Forget what you heard about Asian women being totally flat, because by and large it is wrong. There are lots of Asian women with

HCMC is the easiest city to get laid in Vietnam

There is no question about and no doubt in my mind. Ho Chi Minh City is absolutely the easiest place to find sex in Vietnam. I have the experience and the knowledge to back this up! After

There is no such thing as sex addiction

There is no such thing as sex addiction. You can’t be addicted to sex any more than you can be addicted to breathing or drinking water. Sex is a natural part of life and there is nothing

I fucked the Cambodian massage lady

Do you remember when I told you about the time I got a happy ending with my friend in the room? Well several months later I went back to that same place and ended up fucking the

How to date and have sex with women in Colombia

Colombia is a huge and hugely popular country in South America. It is easy to get in and pretty easy to get around. Colombian women are world famous for being hot, sexy and outgoing. I don’t know

The 5 best Chinese porn stars of all time

Although China is the most populous country in the world it has not produced a huge number of porn stars. Maybe that’s because China is busy producing everything else. Well I will let them stick to that

The 6 best Chinese porn websites

Looking for the best Chinese porn website is tougher than you might expect. Sure there is tons of generic Asian porn on the internet that is labeled “Chinese” by ignoramuses. But porn featuring actual Chinese women is