I screwed a super chubby Thai chick

A few days ago I fucked a really skinny Thai chick. More recently I fucked a super chubby one. The skinny chick was 19. The chubby one was 23. I didn’t pay either. Not a bad week

I screwed a super skinny Thai chick

My latest in a long line of fucks was a 19 year old Thai chick. She was rail thin. Like to the point where you could see her hip bones. She also had the thigh gap that

A Filipina chick picked me up and it sucked

A Filipina chick picked me up at a coffee shop in Manila. I thought it might be something like when the waitress picked me up in Bangkok. But as it turned out this ended up being a

Jacking off to live sex shows is still fun

Some things never get old. Lemonade, a walk on a white sandy beach, and beating your meat to live sex shows at PrivateCamz. I mean who who could really get tired of any of this? Certainly not

A Filipina chick brought her friend to fuck me

I started banging this butterface Filipina chick from Manila. But even though she has one of the best pairs of natural tits I have ever seen in my life I still got bored with her after a

I travel Bangkok on foot

Bangkok is a major city with a big public transportation network. There are taxis, tuk tuks, motorbike taxis, the MRT, the BTS, buses, trains, bicycle sharing, and ride share apps. But guess what? Ninety nine percent of

Is It Possible To Make Streaming Live Adult Content Even Better?

Most people don’t need someone spitting out facts or figures about the number of people watching adult content these days. It isn’t the growth of the industry that’s so shocking, but it is the growing versatility that’s

Mother’s Day sales for men like me, and probably you too

Mother’s Day is on the way. If you’re from North America you should’ve already got your mom something unless you’re a last minute type of guy or for some reason or another don’t want to be a