The 5 Best Asian American porn sites

Making a list of the best Asian American porn sites was tough. But I managed to pull my pants up and get it done. So now you will know where to go when you are looking to

The easiest places to get rimmed

Do you like to get rimmed? I have to admit that a well done rim job is hard to beat. Especially if it is done simultaneously with a world class blowjob. That happened to me once years

I fucked a Thai nurse

I have been traveling the world for quite a while. I might settle down in a place for a few months. But eventually I move on. That doesn’t mean I move in a straight line. I do

Chicks keep posting sexy pictures on Ali Express

Here is a fun fact. Women from all over the world keep posting their sexy pictures in the reviews of products on Ali Express. I first saw this years ago. But I just found out there is

The 15 best Thai OnlyFans chicks

Everyone knows about OnlyFans. It’s a website where women post pictures and videos of themselves for paid subscribers. Most of the pictures and videos are basically porn. That is no secret. But how many guys outside of

Sideliners in Chiang Mai

Some people think there is very little prostitution in Chiang Mai. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Some western tourists might see the pathetic Loi Kroh beer bar strip and long for Walking Street in Pattaya.

Was Abraham Lincoln into gangbangs?

Abraham Lincoln could have been into gangbangs. Hear me out. A lot of American or English terms have entered the Japanese language. This is called “Wasei-eigo” which means something like “Japanese English words.” Usually these words correspond

Tokyo is the easiest city for sex in Japan

What is the easiest place to have sex in Japan? This is a question that millions of people ask. Is it because Japanese women are just so legendary? Or, more likely, due to the international impact of