Prepagos in Colombia

Prepago is a slang word in Colombia. The Spanish word prepago actually translates to “prepaid.” But we aren’t talking about cell phones here. Because in Colombia, “prepagos” are a kind of freelance or independent prostitute. In other

Are video games a waste of time?

Joe Rogan says video games are a waste of time. Who cares? Apparently some people. I only know Joe Rogan from the 1990’s when he hosted a shitty TV show where people ate roaches in an attempt

The 5 best Asian American porn stars of all time

There are tens of millions of Asian Americans. Millions more have lived and died in years past. Despite set backs and struggles Asian Americans have as a general rule established a great deal of success. Asians now

Whore mongering and the meaning of life

I just got news that a guy I know back home died. I went to school with him and we were good friends. At some point during school we drifted apart for whatever reason. I would see

The 5 Best Asian American porn sites

Making a list of the best Asian American porn sites was tough. But I managed to pull my pants up and get it done. So now you will know where to go when you are looking to

The easiest places to get rimmed

Do you like to get rimmed? I have to admit that a well done rim job is hard to beat. Especially if it is done simultaneously with a world class blowjob. That happened to me once years

I fucked a Thai nurse

I have been traveling the world for quite a while. I might settle down in a place for a few months. But eventually I move on. That doesn’t mean I move in a straight line. I do

Chicks keep posting sexy pictures on Ali Express

Here is a fun fact. Women from all over the world keep posting their sexy pictures in the reviews of products on Ali Express. I first saw this years ago. But I just found out there is