I screwed another Thai nurse

I have some great news. I had sex with a very sexy Thai nurse. She had big natural tits and she loved sex. She might not have given the best head, but I’m not complaining. Because she was an enthusiastic cock worshipper who gagged herself on my cock head regularly. It didn’t end well, but there was a grande finale.

This chick was in her early twenties. She had smooth brown skin, silky black hair, and curves in the right places. She was from an upcountry Isan province. But she wasn’t the typical “Isan girl” you might imagine if you only hang out with hookers. Don’t get me wrong. I love prostitutes. She just wasn’t one of them.

Instead this girl was a regular lower middle class with an above average motivation. She put herself through school to become a nurse. She put off dating to focus on her studies. Though she did admittedly get it on with a couple of her fellow female students. Lesbianism is huge in Thailand after all.

How to meet Thai nurses

I’ve had a lot of run-ins with Thai nurses over the years. They weren’t all good. There have been a lot of ups and downs. Then there were the ones who went up and down on my meat pole. One nurse leaked my personal medical information. I banged another one after going to the hospital.

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Hospitals are thus hit or miss as places to get lucky. But that’s not the only place to meet a Thai nurse in Thailand. I met the nurse in this story on Thai Friendly. While I do use Tinder and some other apps, Thai Friendly is still the best option for meeting women in Thailand.

In this case I was just browsing profiles when I saw a cute chick in a blue and white nurses uniform. I sent her a message saying she looked beautiful. She wrote back “thanks” and nothing more. This is pretty typical in Thailand. Especially since most Thais speak little to no English.

No small talk, no problem

I don’t let the lack of elaborate responses bother me. Instead I just take it as an opportunity to converse a little more. I told her I was staying in Bangkok and mentioned the area. It was a well known and pretty well off part of the city. Then I asked if she ever went to the mall near my condo. Finally I asked for her Line ID.

For those who don’t know, Line is a popular smartphone app from Japan. You can talk to anyone in the world with it, as long as they also have the app. It’s free and pretty much everyone in Thailand has it. When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Bangkok, download the Line app.

Thailand is called the “land of smiles” because the people there are supposed to be a cheerful bunch. I don’t know how true it is any more. But Thai women are still generally pretty friendly and open. Especially outside of tourist towns like Pattaya and Phuket. In Bangkok they can be hardened. Yet I still find it easy to ask pretty much any woman I come in contact with for her Line ID and get it. Even more so if they are from another part of the country like Isan.

What do they have to lose? If they decide they no longer want to talk, all they have to do is block me from the app. It’s as easy and taping the screen a few times. I am man enough to admit that I have actually been blocked by a few Thai chicks. But not this one. She gave me her ID and I sent her a message. We started chatting like old friends and everything got better from there.

Getting off on the right foot

After a bit of chatting and exchanging pictures over a two day period, I asked my new nurse friend to meet me. I suggested getting together at a coffee shop outside of a nearby BTS station. She knew the area and was up for it. So I figured I had a good shot.

Up to this point I didn’t even tell her that I could speak Thai. She would find that out in person. I did dress for success with a nice matching outfit. I showed up early and spotted her coming in. She was just as cute though her regular jeans and shirt were no match for the sexy nurse outfit in her original picture.

Thai nurse meme

As we sat and talked over coffee she was all smiles. She had big dimples. She also had big tits, but I couldn’t really see them yet. She could speak English but her words came out very slowly. At first I thought maybe she was just a reserved person. Or that she might actually be a little slow

To test things out I started speaking in Thai. She laughed and answered back. In Thai she spoke much faster. But I think I made a mistake here even if I was following my own one tip to pick up chicks anywhere on earth. Once she realized I spoke Thai she knew I was experienced with Thailand and Thai women. This made her super suspicious. It ended up ruining the relationship too, eventually.

From nothing to suction

After hanging out in the cafe for a couple of hours we walked around the mall. At one point I held her hand. Everything went well except that she kept asking me why I spoke Thai. Did I work in Thailand? Did I have a Thai wife? I told her I just learned out of my own interest. But she never really bought it.

That didn’t interrupt things too much though. I invited her to my condo and she agreed. She was a mix of smiling and standoffish. But she loved the place. I have to admit it was pretty luxurious. Air BNB came through again!

After some time in the condo I started kissing her. She turned out to be an incredible and passionate tongue kisser. This is rare in Thailand. So are big natural boobs. But that’s exactly what she had hiding under her plain shirt. I sucked on her tits like they could provide the essence of life. She got super horny and said she loved me and always wanted a man like me. Weird, but hey I took it in stride. We’re talking about a country where hookers sometimes ask me to jizz in them bareback so they can have “half” babies.

When it came time to fuck she stopped me. Turned out she was on her period. Okay, she agreed to blow me. Like I said she literally worshipped my rod. The only problem there is that she sucked even slower than she spoke English. I had to stand up and fuck her face to get any real pleasure out of it. I started slow but she got more into the further and faster I thrusted. As I would learn she was into the whole fifty shades of grey stuff. Whatever. I was happy to blow my wad all over those saliva covered tits!

Banging to breaking up

We met often often for a few weeks. She would meet me after work. Sometimes we’d go out to eat. Sometimes she would come right to my condo. No matter what we would end up back in my room. I started fucking her. Bareback of course. Though I kept pulling out. She was talking about getting serious. Even getting married. The truth was that I really liked her. But marriage is for suckers and I’m a rolling stone.

I guess she sensed this too. But it was just one of those things. We were attracted to each other like animals. She kept telling me I was her type. She always wanted a man who looked like me. And I told her I always wanted a nice sweet girl with a perfect rack and fresh little pussy like hers. It was a match made in lust.

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The sex got better, and harder. She wanted to be banged rough in the shower. She would throw it back as hard as she could. She’d try to deepthroat me with tons of gag and spit. She’d beg me to fuck her face and smack her round firm ass. When she would show up with the nurse uniform on my balls would ache with excitement. I had some of the best sex of my life!

Then it all ended. I broke it off. It was all an issue of trust. Another Thai girl sent me a message. She said she saw my picture in a group on Facebook. Now I don’t even use Facebook. So I was immediately angry. It turned out my nurse took pictures of me without me knowing it. This started way back when we met at the cafe! Then she posted a bunch of the pics in some sick Thai girl facebook group where they discuss foreign guys to find out if anyone else knows them. I guess they’re trying to find out if guys they date are cheaters or “playboys.”

In the end

My friend sent me a screen shot. I was furious. I immediately confronted the nurse on Line. She said it wasn’t her but her friend. Supposedly her friend thought I was suspicious and was just trying to help. I called bullshit. Either way I wasn’t having it. She begged forgiveness. I told her if my pictures weren’t immediately taken down that I would never see her again. Suddenly the pictures disappear as confirmed by my very helpful friend.

Still that was it for me. I met her one last time and we fucked harder and longer than we ever did in the past. This time I even shot my load up her cunt. She was on the rag and the passion just took over. So far, no issues there. I told her I was leaving Thailand. I blamed it on her activity though honestly I probably would have moved on sooner than later anyway. She said she understood and accepted my decision. Then she started crying.

With tears dripping from her pretty doe eyes and tears streaming down her face she looked up. In her usual slow English she muttered the words “please fuck me one more time.” I would like to say I refused. But you know me better than that. After confirming that she wanted one last round I broke out the lube. This time I drilled her in the butt.

I did her in standing doggy in the shower with the water running. She screamed loud. It was different from her usual heavy panting and light moaning. More than once I slowed down and asked if she was into it. I wanted to make sure. Each time she’d scream “fuck me more!” Finally I busted a nut right into her super tight poop shoot. We washed up in silence. She said she wanted to see me again. After she left I blocked her on Line. I haven’t heard from her since.

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